6 Tips For Extremely Organized Basement Storage

The basement is the ideal place to store less used stuff. It is used as a universal store room. But, we mistakenly used it to dump things. The place became unorganised, stuffy, dirty and unused, where no one wants to stay more than a few seconds. We forget that having a basement in the house is the blessing. The rooms can be clear because of the basement. We can store so many things in the basement but in a systematic way.

Here Are A Few Tips To Categorize The Basement Storage Area

1. Basement Circumstances

First of all check the current condition of your basement. If it is too cold and damp then you need to use a dehumidifier to protect the wall. If you feel that the entire room is wet and mold has already grown in the wall then immediately removes all things which are affected and do the treatment. Otherwise, your house can cause damage. If there is any source of moisture then it is your first duty to treat it. Unless you are satisfied that you have removed all moisture from the room, just put things in plastic bags and plastic baskets.

Basement Circumstances

2. Select What You really Need

Try to find out important things that are useful. Remove the rest from your storage area. It has no use to store unnecessary things. Then start categorising all of your things to store in the boxes and bags. Like, you have found some small pins, tools for room painting; small stuff like celotape, scissors then put them in different boxes and places it on a shelf.

Select What You really Need

3. Safety Comes First

Make solid shelves with heavy metal frames and paintable plywood to store weighty storage boxes and bins. Create depth and enough space in the shelves to store things safely. Never put heavy things and boxes on the heights. Otherwise, you can get hurt when you will try to get it down. Put small parts like screws, pins, parts of car, and tools in such a height so that your children and pet never get hurt.

Safety Comes First

4. Arrange Articles

A basement is a wide storage area where you will like to store as many goods as you can. So it is better to store your stuff in proper way so that you can find them easily. Dedicate a shelf particularly for the same type of things. Place those things in front area of the shelves which are important. Store things in transparent plastic boxes and bins so that you can find it easily.

Arrange Articles

5. Cubes Storage

Wall storage is common. You must have that in the basement. But you can also think of the cube storage if you need an extra storing space. Cube storages are easy to build and easy to change the size. It is always better for the storage in the basement. You can build cube storage of your own for boxes and bins or placing important goods.

Cubes Storage

6. Ceiling Storage

Whether your basement is large or small this storage idea is just perfect. Make storage on the ceiling with plywood and fix the wire to block the space. You can place any type of frivolous stuff in that area, like the Christmas tree and holiday decorations. Another option is you can make a frame on the ceiling and place some plywood plate on that frame to create a box storage area. You can store light weight stuff in that storage and no one will see it. You can also store your stuff in boxes.

Ceiling Storage

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