6 Striking Ideas For A Sports Fan Bedroom


If you have a sports fan in your family and want to do up their bedroom, you are at the right place. People of any age group can be a fan of sports and would love to have their immediate surroundings done up accordingly. Thus, if a sports lover has a sports themed bedroom for himself, he will love to spend time there and his lone moments in that room will be fun and content. So, if you want ideas to have a bedroom made for a sports fanatic, choose from the below list of varied decor options.

Here Are 6 Striking Ideas For A Sports Fan Bedroom:

1. Bed And Accessories

The first thing that you notice in any bedroom is the bed and its accessories. For a sports inspired bedroom, you can have the headboard looking like the net of a hockey or soccer goal post. It can also be made in a circular structure in the shape of a baseball or soccer ball depending on one’s interests. If someone is interested in F-1 Races, they can make their bed in the shape of a sports car. The sides of the bed can have wallpaper prints of their favorite sport instead of a plain wooden appeal. Lights emanating through these prints will highlight them and make them stand out on the bed frame.

Bed And Accessories

2. Other Furniture

A bedroom consists of various other furniture items apart from the bed. For a sporty look, you can have a couch on one side in the shape a car, a soccer ball or a bean bag placed in a similar fashion. Chairs in the bedroom can be done in a peeling paint effect giving the look of a stadium bench. The different levels of a side table can have different types of ball layouts from various sports for a perfect theme decor. The shelves can be made like an arcade machine for a fun element. Also, lights in the room can have the shape of a tennis racket or can be a globe like a tennis ball. Lamp posts can be made with different sports equipment as well.

Other Furniture

3. Furnishings

A lot of color and zing can be added to a bedroom with its furnishings. A bed-sheet based on a specific sport of your choice or a certain player will add the right amount of athletic flavor. You can also use one with the same color combination of your favorite sports team. The curtains can have a similar fabricated touch. Rugs on the floor can be bought in the shape and design of a football or a soccer ball. A carpet or rug in the bedroom in the form of a turf will also be befitting. Cushions and pillows can be specifically based on any sport of your choice too. For example, if you like karate, you can have the pillows as yin and yang to go with the theme.


4. Wall Decor

Wall Murals of your utmost favorite players are a great idea to decorate any bedroom. Brilliant and thoughtful quotes by great players in the sporting field will be a fantastic embellishment too when painted on the walls. A miniature score board or a painted sports arena on the wall right above the headboard will look quite sporty as well. A licensed shooting gun or a bow and arrow from archery can be hung on the wall for a great sporting outlook.

Wall Decor

5. Sports Corner

If you are a sports player, you must have received a few accolades in your career. You can create a sports corner in your bedroom, to put up the medals and trophies for high levels of motivation. If you have a prized possession like an autographed bat or ball, you can also use that for display so that you feel a sense of pride whenever you look at it. There are various sports that can be played indoors. You have these installed in the bedroom for the ultimate sports fever. A basketball hoop, Foosball table, mini snooker table, boxing bag can all be set up as a sports corner in the room.

Sports Corner

6. Door Designs

To give the bedroom a complete sports outlook, begin with the door itself. You can get motivational or quirky quotes related to your theme written on the bedroom door. For example, “Boy’s Locker Room” or “Talent will get you in the door, but character will keep you in the room.” Door knobs with deigns of a baseball ball or a football will look chic and favorable. Posters of sports players can also be put for a thematic entry into a sporting world.

Door Designs

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