6 Splendid Wooden Styles Of The Kitchen Cabinets


Wooden are found in different textures in various wooden types in the natural wooden or engineered wooden form, whatever it may be gives an excellent gesture to the interior. In kitchen cabinets are generally made of wood, so the texture of the wood should highly given an attention following the interior designing of the kitchen. The various types of the textures along with various types of the shades in the brown colors initiates a beautiful aesthetic view of the kitchen along with long lasting designs.

1. Wavy Clouds:

Cloudy wave textured designed on the hardwoods or the plywood for the kitchen cabinets has an extremely new and stylish outlook that is exposed throughout the interior of the kitchen, the variation in the wooden texture makes the interior remarkable, the surface of the kitchen cabinet can be pasted surface or it can be the textured wood, the cloudy wave textures of the wooden gives a fine touch to the cabinet designs.

2. Pitted Grain:

Small pitted grain work on the wood is one of the finest textures of the wood. The wooden polished cabinet improves the total aesthetic view of the kitchen. The brown colored pitted grain are of various shades of brown among with the light brown with dark and light pitted grains accompanies a much more contrast in the texture of the wood. The wood can be used on the open shelves of the kitchen and the cabinets.

Pitted Grain

3. Black Walnut:

Walnut dark chocolate brown surface on the cabinets the contemporary kitchen creates an amazing view along with the modern furniture designs breaking the monotonous outlook from other modern kitchens, the wood itself is one of the best and expensive providing a beauty with high durability that will make the furniture and the designs of the kitchen long lasting.

Black Walnut

4. Vertical Teak Wood:

The one of the traditional wood used even in the modern designs that is one of the durable and the attractive woods are the teak wood the horizontal panels of the wood are used in the kitchen giving it the durability and at the same time the most splendid look apart from a natural furnish to the room. The polished brown shiny battens of the woods are provided to emphasis a new and exclusive which can be made from the extra or unwanted pieces of wood that may be less in price than the whole teak wood.

5. Varnished Wood:

Every type of wood can be varnished to get a glossy and shiny feature and above all it protects the wood from any type of damages such as dampness due to the water in the kitchen or any pests that attacks the wood, varnishing provides a further protection, the woods with various types of varnishing colors makes the modern kitchen look attractive and at the same time involving a splendid aesthetic view.

Varnished Wood

6. Seamless Fine Wood Texture:

The seamless fine wood texture gives a natural wooden gesture to the furniture of the kitchen, the color of brown in different shades of the texture introduced in the surface of the furniture improves the view of the interior of the kitchen. The different color shades of brown with same texture looks more attractive compared to the same shade of the texture in the whole kitchen shelves and furniture. The variation brings in a much more extra lucrative outlook to the kitchen.

Seamless Fine Wood Texture


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