6 Smart Design From A DIY Country-Cottage Bedroom

Farm houses, lone side houses to country side cottages, these are splendid properties to have as they could provide to be the perfect destination for your vacations or holidays. The greenery around, the wild nature and the lake in front, all are included to be beautiful gifts from the nature, these provide stress free days, allows one to recapture the strength needed to work and of course, gives you little time for self-realization. No wonder, these soothing aspects can be taken into your room, as surely you are looking forward to have such a time regularly (you may be a fan too). It may not be possible to take every and anything from the décor ideas of country side Therefore, let us consider some of the following ways by which you can take the ideas to your home, which might give you a country side cottage like feeling.

Here Are 6 Smart Design From A DIY Country-Cottage Bedroom

1. The Old Door Theory

The first and the foremost thing, use of old stuff to recreate your room. Use any old door to hang articles or pieces which you may not be able to on the wall, the reason being that you don’t want the wall to be broken or damaged in any way. Feel free to hang chains or lockets or even use the same as a key chain holder. If you are looking to create a partitioning or finding something to provide you with shelves, the art of cutting something can be handy as an old door can be cut into such useful materials.

The Old Door Theory

2. Keep The Wood Flying High

Use of wood can be of great help. Due to the surroundings, there would be enough wood laying, why to waste it? Shape it and paint it into stools, or low height tables, and even make support for the shrubs, a lot can be done with wood.

Keep The Wood Flying High

3. The Great Wall

Country side homes can be very good inspiration to those looking to use subtle colors in their bedrooms. Thus, having to keep subtle colors on your walls, nothing fancy and dark, would provide you with peace at all times After all, country side is all about nature and peace.

The Great Wall

4. Furniture Time

Not having furniture is the last thing one would dream of. Country side homes are decorated with furniture, even more they have wooden pieces used as furniture to hold other accessories such as axe, guns, telephones and etc. Leaving the furniture in its natural color or painting them (giving them a brownish look denoting the color of wood itself) is a good way to promote them. Moreover, if you don’t like the raw look, try designs and patterns on the furniture which match to the walls or your drapes.

Furniture Time

5. Sooth Life

Talking about colors used on the bed sheets or cushions, this is a tough task for you to decide according to the theme. Do not worry; the country side doesn’t indulge in a lot of colors or anything fancy. Simple use of elusive colors is the key. With the exclusive use of a country side theme, it is well understood that it is all about reconciliation and harmony. Bright colors are no way going to give you the desired look or stand close to the mature look you seek.

Sooth Life

6. The Valley Of Flowers

It may not be possible for to you have a garden or piece of earth that allows you to grow something, but if you do, you can feel the country side cottage feeling. Having s small piece of land is also enough, grow some flowers and shrubs; definitely the best place for you to sit for evening tea and see your kids play with the dogs.

The Valley Of Flowers

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