6 Relaxing Zen Bedroom Decor Ideas

Zen Bedroom

Zen bedrooms are designed with the intention of creating a balance of body, mind and spirit and create a peaceful environment where you can de-stress, rejuvenate yourself and get uninterrupted sleep. Zen bedrooms are popular themes nowadays for their soothing, clutter free atmosphere and minimal accents and decors. These bedrooms are indulgent oasis where you can attain a balance of body, spirit and mind at night. Here we have listed five Zen bedroom ideas to give you an idea on how they look.

Zen Bedroom Decor Ideas:

1. Simple And Naturally Lighted

A simple bedroom with a ceiling towering patterned wooden panel behind the headboard and a lot of natural light is so calming. Cover the windows with minimal window treatments and if possible don’t go for curtains. Mirrors or reflective surfaces in the room will bring the natural light. The soft hues of grays in combination with white create a serene atmosphere and gives a warm and romantic feel to the bedroom. The wooden side tables matching the wooden panel behind, simple black table lamps and the transparent vase with fresh flowers create a pleasant environment to get complete rest.

Simple And Naturally Lighted

2 .The Waverly

A platform bed with minimal accents in combination with the earthy brown furniture would look great. Paint the walls grey and go for grey and white combination flooring. Furnish the room with dark Etruscan red color. The dry flowers behind the headboard, the metallic lights and accessories and the color palette will create a great impact and make your bedroom the best place to de-stress yourself and regain your strength.

The Waverly

3. Go Green

A green and brown combination would be perfect to bring the touch of nature in your bedroom. The combination will evoke coolness and warmness and at the same time will calm you down and reenergize. Brown decor, bamboo pot plants, bonsai, painted sceneries against the walls and cozy bedding create an amazing atmosphere to relax and rewind. The indoor plants will keep the room soothing and fresh.

Go Green

4. A Wooden Domicile

A custom-made room that is decorated with nothing but wood all over from ceiling to walls to floor would look magical and stunning. The platform on which the bed sits and the white pane accent wall behind it looks just amazing. Platform beds are generally a part of Zen inspired designs for bedrooms. This design is appreciated for its sleek style, simplicity and the fact that it seems to float above the ground. This is a perfect minimalist design. The low light settings and the minimal decors that matches the room add more charm to the room.

A Wooden Domicile

5. Colorful And Patterned

Wondering how can a Zen themed room be colorful with patterns? Well, it can be but the choice of colors should be in such a way that they are not too flashy and disturbing. Otherwise, pop of colors and patterns are fine. Cool colors like green and blue are quite popular for Zen bedrooms. Paint the room in calm colors to create a peaceful atmosphere. Colors of nature like green, blue and warm golds of sun and the sand are perfect for a Zen bedroom. Design your room in such a way that the colors and elements in your room go together harmoniously and create a tranquil and inviting feel.

Colorful And Patterned

6. Contemporary Reinvention

If you do not wish to go for a full-fledged Asian look for your Zen bedroom then the contemporary variant would be ideal. It incorporates most of the original Zen principles with an urbane twist. This minimal bedroom is not only cozy and inviting, but has a distinct look of its own. The focus while creating this Zen style should be to eliminate clutter while ensuring that the bedroom does not look too artificial or sterile. Small touches like some bamboo shoots or potted plant can make a huge difference while creating the Zen ambiance.

Contemporary Reinvention

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