6 Ideas To Decor Your Living Room With Bamboos


Traditional Bamboos In Modern Living Room

Living room develops a mindset for the people staying in the house, for guest visiting the house. Its a place where gsts are welcome and family spend their leisure time herein. Living room can be made soothing enough for ourselves and the guest to get astonished by the interior, specially if it is based on a theme such as bamboo which is one of the ancient used grass for furniture and now for varied purposes which gives a traditional and exclusive nature to the entire space. It connects to the nature being a plant and can give a touch of It connects to the nature being a plant and can give a touch of natural environment.

1. Bamboo Furniture:

Center Tables with glass tops maybe rectangular, circular, elliptical or oval in shape, legs of the table are made of bamboos or canes crafted in variable designs and sizes. Bamboo planks are also used as top of the center tables, a whole table made of bamboo which can be placed with different types of sofas and chairs. The center table give an aesthetic look because of the minute and excellent crafts with the canes, natural bamboo and its colors can also give artistic and modern trending tables.

Sofas made of bamboos are in main attraction today, crafted  and made to 3 seater chairs, 2 seater or single seater are not only on demand today but it is one of the oldest and traditional  form of furniture. Apple form of chairs are also found along with center tables made of same materials. Entertainment units are also found in the market where television can be placed along with woofers, sound boxes, and various decorative items, bamboo have a natural grain textures and  hardwood which gives a calm feel of nature.

Bamboo Furnitures

2. Bamboo Ceiling:

False or suspended ceiling are one of the basic requirement for the interiors where bamboo ceiling can be placed. Bamboo planks are one of the material required for the ceiling in few cases bamboos are also used in sloped roof tops with the help of joists and girder, but in case of false ceiling in living rooms planks are used which is eye catchy and a person is bound to look up to the ceiling for its different and moderate look.

Bamboo Ceiling

3. Bamboo Flooring:

Most of the highly durable and with low maintenance cost but magnified natural beauty is the bamboo flooring. Various colors of bamboo planks are available with fine grain texture and hardwood applies a natural environmental gesture. The bamboo planks are fixed with resins adhesive and can be used to modify the floor.

Bamboo Flooring

4. Bamboo Interiors:

Bamboo cladding on walls which are easy to clad, found in  various colors, lengths  and diameters. It is eco-friendly and traditional if fixed, will give the living room a fresh and modern interior, not only cladding but bamboos closely attached or the bamboo crafted canes may also be used to separate two rooms to maintain a privacy from the living room to other rooms, properly decorated or crafted canes or bamboos fences used within the rooms. Apart from privacy and separation it gives a different appearance .

Bamboo Interiors

5. Bamboo Lamps:

Bamboo table lamps with LED bulbs designed bamboo crafts which are calm and enhances a creative look within the room. These lamps may be placed in the living room for a soft and peaceful feel in the environment. Hanging lamps for the ceilings of various shapes such as cylindrical, rectangular etc. and  different sizes are found. Wall lamp shades which can be placed at the entrance of the living room that will not only provide light but explore the intensity.  Various types and colors of LED and other bulbs are available which emphasis a tempting appearance to the well defined lamps .

Bamboo Lamps

6. Bamboo Stands:

Last but not least are the bamboo pen stands, photo frames of various sizes placed on the walls above the sofas or walls of the living room, flower vases made of bamboo placed in any corner  beautifies the room with artificial flowers or  thin bamboo sticks. Door mats are also available placed at the entrances. Baskets made of canes various decorative items are available made of bamboos if placed within the living room motivates a lively, trendy and traditional atmosphere.

Bamboo Stands


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