6 Genius Space Savvy Small Garden Ideas Solutions

Do you have small apartment or flat? Do you love gardening? Do you not have enough space for your garden in your apartment? Or do you have a small open terrace in your house? Then here is a solution for you. Actually if gardening is your passion then space is not a great problem for you. If you have a little balcony in your apartment then you can put your garden over there. So here are some genius tips for you to create a space savvy small garden in your home. So, just go through this article and follow the tips to create a space savvy garden of your own.

Here Are 6 Genius Space Savvy Small Garden Ideas Solutions

1. Garden In Old Racks

Sometimes you have old racks in your home. And you just put it in your store room as it has no use. Now make it reusable. Just paint this rack with oil paints and allow it t dry. Now put it in your garden. Arrange all the plants in this rack and it saves a lot space in your garden. Cleverly arrange the pots in it so that it looks beautiful.


2. Arrange Hanging Pots In Your Garden

To save space in your in your garden arrange some hanging pots in your garden. They are just fantastic to save space in your garden. Just use some cords or metal wires to hang them from the ceiling of your balcony or roof. Keep ferns or same type of plant in these hanging pots which looks extremely beautiful. Flowers also look beautiful in these hanging pots.

Hanging Pots In Your Garden

3. Arrange Vertical Pots In Your Garden

If you have a very little space for garden try this amazing idea which not only saves space in your garden but also looks beautiful when you put plants in these pots. All that you to implement this idea is to arrange some pots that are same in shape but different in size. Fill the pots with soil and put plants in them. Now arrange these pots in descending order, while putting the largest pot in the bottom and the smallest one on the top. The benefit of this arrangement is while you pour water in a single pot it spreads in other pots. You do not need to move the pots while watering in to the pots.

Arrange Vertical Pots In Your Garden

4. Plants Beside Pathway

Use the place beside the pathway of your garden. Most of the time we neglect the place by keeping it empty. But do not waste it if you a small garden. Arrange some bright colorful seasonal flowers in this area to make it beautiful. You can also turn it green lawn to beautify the area.

Plants Beside Pathway

5. Use Plastic Bottles In Your Garden

You may have lots of empty plastic bottles or empty soft drinks bottles in your house and these plastic bottles are also very much helpful for you if you have a little space in your garden. Cut the plastic bottles in to proper shape to make plastic bottle greenhouses and hang them from top. Use different shapes of bottles for this purpose.

Use Plastic Bottles In Your Garden

6. Use The Fence Of Your Garden

For a space savvy small garden you can also use the fence of your garden. You may have some empty tins or cans in your house. Just use them for this purpose. Put some plants in these tins or cans. Now hang them from the fence of your garden. You may paint them with bright colors or can remove the existing paints from the can.


Fence Of Your Garden

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