6 Excellent Ideas To Use Underground Pots For Your Garden


Garden is one of the most important part of every house, almost all of the houses have small or big gardens, depending upon the area of the open space they have in the front or the back, the gardens are filled with flower plants few on the ground and few are planted on the pots specially small and light colorful plants, the pots can be used is various ways to decorate your garden one is the underground flower pots that can be placed in various landscaping ways that will give your garden an exceptional, new and stylish look that not will makes a wonderful garden but at the same time it gives an aesthetic view to your house.

1. Flower Or Plant Tops At The Side Of Pathways:

The sides of the pathways of your garden can be given a totally a fresh and different look by placing the tops underground with the bed of soils on the top of the ground. The top edge are only visible placed in a zig zag or straight form bounded edge of the sideways with grasses, beautiful plants and flowers are planted in the tops that gives the garden a new look and at the same time with a beautiful landscape.

Flower Or Plant Tops At The Side Of Pathways

2. Inclined Flower Pots:

One of the simple way of using colorful flower pots is laying the pots with flower that is the half of the pot is slanted semi buried within the ground that can be placed as a single plant or a row of flowers of different colors within the garden or an open front yard space, it can be placed anywhere in the garden in any form of soil whether wet or dry.

Inclined Flower Pots


3. Levelled Flower Pots:

Underground planted pots can be the central attraction of your garden and house. A circular formation of the flower pots that are buried in the ground with beautiful colorful flowers, at the outer circumference, second level is the plants in the top on the ground and in the center a tall garden plant  surrounded with the periphery of flowers.

Levelled Flower Pots

4. Underground Plant Pots:

Suppose you have a congested backyard or very small garden space and want to keep it clean and decorated, one of the best idea is to bury the top within the ground makes the space clean and beautiful, the green plants within the top and the floor has a bed of small stones or pebbles makes the space lucrative and tidy. The plants can be of taller sizes, if you want to plant and will not make the place clumsy.

Underground Plant Pots


5. Garden Island:

You can decorate the small island made in your garden through buried pots or the underground pots, the pots can be planted with plants or any colorful flowers throughout the island space keeping in mind the decoration of the pots, the bed of grasses makes the island green and for making it more lucrative plant few plants on the ground that will give the tops more extravagant look.

Garden Island


6. Urn Clay Pots:

Decorate your island of your garden or the front yard with a big open space, that may be the front entrance, the urns that are itself sleek can be buried within the soil, the long attractive neck of the urn is displayed with the body down with the soil, the plants or small shrubs can be planted along with mosses into the islands that makes the island very much eye catchy with sign of warm welcome.

 Urn Clay Pots



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