6 Enchanting Tropical Style Home Décor Ideas


Tropical regions are bright, sunny, cool, exciting, engaging, energizing and beautiful. Visiting tropics to rejuvenate yourself every day is unaffordable, but creating the same atmosphere at your abode is within your means. Now, you don’t have to wait for a year to pack your bags and unwind on the tropical sandy beaches, as you can bring a similar ambiance at home. With the right decor and color choice, you can create the tropical vibe and make it your favorite place to stay in forever.

Here Are A Few Tips To Help You With Styling Your Home With The Tropical Theme.

1. Color Palette

The color palette you choose to decorate your rooms would have a larger impact on how you want your home to look. Colors taken from water, sea, sky, sand, glass, sunshine, tropical greenery will all make the home look very tropical. A combination of the tropical bright hues or the soft neutrals with white would make your home more welcoming. These ideas will help you create a laid-back coastal feel that mimics a relaxed seaside cottage.

Color Palette

2. Furniture

Furniture made of natural material would suit a tropical theme better than any other. Especially, bamboo and wooden furniture make a good choice. Woven chairs, traditional furniture, wicker furniture, lounge chairs and rattan frame furniture are popular tropical furniture ideas. To add a fun element to the furniture, go for custom made ones with banana leaf motifs, floral engravings, etc.


3. Patterns And Motifs

Lively patterns that reflect the tropical sceneries, greenery, flowers, beachside, etc are an easy way to create the tropical vibe inside your home. Be it wallpaper, upholstery, bed linen, curtains, cushions and throws, and rugs these prints and patterns create the excitement of tropical setting. Even the animal patterns like parrots, fishes, peacocks, monkeys, etc will look whimsical and cool.

Patterns and Motifs

4. Accessories And Displays

Choosing your accessories right is yet another simple way to change the look of the home to tropical setting. Statues of animals, natural shell art pieces, marine keepsakes, burlap lamp shades, mason jars, ceramic urns, colored glass vases, beautiful paintings reflecting tropical scenes will all be a good fit for the theme. Choose accessories that go with the color palette and ensure things are not overdone so that the display looks clutter free.

Accessories And Displays

5. Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the best choice to complement a tropical themed room, especially, bamboo planks are the best. However, even tiles would go well with the theme. While choosing tiles, go for organic colors to match the coastal theme. Adding floor carpets is also a great idea to bring in a tropical feel without altering the flooring. Natural fiber carpets, rugs with tropical patterns such as palms, flowers, seashells, etc would be beautiful.


6. Tropical Foliage

Tropical décor fully embraces nature, especially plant life and water. From subtle and pale to vibrant and bold, a diverse spectrum of blues and greens are welcome in the home decorated in tropical style. You can place a variety of verdant greenery or oversized fronds in the living room or outside. Tropical leaves and flower displays in vases and pot plants will also add greenery and a magical tropical vibe to the home. If it is not possible to include the real flora where you live then you could go for wallpaper or fabrics to bring in the tropical flair at home.

Tropical Foliage





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