6 Best Ideas For The Summer Gardens

As spring leaves behind the fresh blossoms and colours, summer takes on the duty of bringing the fresh and juicy fruits along with soothing blossoms. Summer is marked by the cool and soothing, yet bright colours and the new colours and trends can be applied anywhere. So why not add a few changes to your gardens?

Here Are 6 Best Ideas For The Summer Gardens

1. Bird Feed Makeover

With the sun becoming brighter with every passing day, even the smallest things like using cool colors can make a difference. If your bird feed is lying dormant or of you have more than one in your garden, take up the job of giving one a makeover. Paint the structure with a cool blue shade and fill the feed with soil. Add a few accessories like a wooden house painted in pastel shades and a small gate to make a mini garden in the feed itself. For the final touch plant small flowers in with bright shades so that they stand out.

Bird Feed Makeover

2. Wreath Bird Bath 

Every gets thirsty and need to cool off in the heat. Even the tiny birds that provide us with such sweet music, which are nothing but a great way to relax in the afternoons. So why not do a little something for the birds? If you do not have enough space to make a bird bath or if you have the fear of your pet knocking it over, you can hang your bird baths. Make tiny bird baths out wreath and place a comparatively flat and wide bowl. After the bath is made use hooks to hang it in the branches where it won’t get much of the sun and fill it with water.

Wreath Bird Bath

3. Rope Ottoman 

Do you like to spend the summers outdoors with your friends and family and not have enough places to sit? Well if chairs are the problem, there is a pretty easy solution to that. Take some old tires and make a continuous criss-cross pattern with a rope so that the centre of the tyre has a frame strong enough to make a seat. After that take some jute rope and cover the whole. In no time you will have pretty seats which are easy to store.

Rope Ottoman

4. Beverage Station

Having a summer garden party, you know you will need a lot of beverage. Get a big flat bucket and a few small ones and an old coat hanger. Place the base of the hanger in the big bucket and fill that up with ice and drinks. While the base is used for beverages, the rods can be used to hang the small buckets and you could put in glasses and plastic crockery.

Beverage Station

5. Solar Lights 

Use the rays of the sun to light up your garden in the evening and at the same time making it look pretty and warm. Get solar lights at dollar tree and put them in the flower pots so that they get the solar energy all day and make pretty lights in the evening which will give your garden that warm glow.

Solar Lights

6. Garden Umbrella 

Put up a big and beautiful garden umbrella which will block out the intense rays of the sun and still let you enjoy the warmth of summer. Get light or pastel colours so that the umbrella itself is a soothing touch to your garden.

Garden Umbrella

The above mentioned ideas are surely going to enhance the beauty of your surrounding. So, try them on!

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