6 Bathroom Storage Ideas

Is your bathroom is full of unusual stuff? You can keep your bathroom mess free and increase the value of it by applying various storage ideas. You can choose lots of designs based on cabinets, cupboards and shelves in lot of patterns. Storage is become effective when you use a small place in innovative way. But when it comes to bathroom, your space is small and you want to add many things in single basket. You may face so many problems while arranging these things and sometimes you fail but it is the time when you have to show your class. We have some excellent collection of storage ideas for bathroom. Let we look at some of them.

Here Are 6 Bathroom Storage Ideas

1. Easily Accessible

A combination of drawers and open space will give you double advantage. You can keep your daily needs like make up and toiletries in drawers. Use the basket to keep your shower materials like towel and soap inside it. The basket is provided in open space. Sink above the baskets will give spectacular formation to your bathroom. Don’t try to combine all the things in single basket.

Easily Accessible

2. Smart Shelves

Smart shelves will be form in vertical linings. If you have a small space between pillar and the wall, you can use it effective way by making small shelves in it. It will look quite handy. Such arrangement not only looks beautiful but can store lot of unusual stuff. You can highlight shelves area with contrast color so that it will become eye catching area. You can also keep a small basket at bottom to store shower accessories. Instead of fixed shelves, you can use adjustable shelves too.

Smart Shelves

3. Attached Storage

Every time you don’t need to do hard make up for your bathroom. Use your bathroom creatively so that you like it most. Sometimes, a simple storage table can sort out your problem. You can use L shape shelves under the table to keep your regular needs. It looks quite practical to keep towels there. You can also beautify it by arranging lampshades and baskets around the sink.

Attached Storage

4. Accessory Shelves

Do you need a special place in bathroom to keep your make-up accessories? We have brought in this pattern especially for those who want to live in present. Apply this concept in your bathroom and feel the luxury. You just need a simple drawer with mirror attached to it. Drawer length should be 1.5 feet maximum. Keep all your basic make-up accessories inside it in separate sections. Don’t forget to add flower pot above drawer.

Accessory Shelves

5. Storage Beside Sink

If you want an easy and reasonably priced storage solution, you will definitely like this idea. You can place your storage unit beside sink which is above the counterpart. You can keep your storage both open at bottom and close ended in top. Keep your towel in below cross folded open section. Use light color to the whole storage for uncomplicated look.

Storage Beside Sink

6. Fancy Shelves

When you have limited area in your bathroom and you want to give expensive touch, you can apply this model. You can make a cupboard aligning to the wall of bathroom and use sliding door. If bathroom width is small, you can use up-down sliding method. If you don’t have space to keep a table inside bathroom, you can use flip down storage. When you flip it down, it becomes a table without its leg. You can do your shaving or make-up by keeping accessories on it. Once you complete your task, flip it up so that you can get its occupied space.

Fancy Shelves

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