6 Backyard Decorating Landscaping Ideas

Backyard is the only spot to find your kids in the long days of summer. If you are a party animal, backyard is nothing less than a boon that gives you the liberty to do anything you want. The beauty of backyard lies on the fact that they can be landscaped by using natural resources or with additional artificial objects. The ideas and ways to landscaping backyards are plenty. It is up to you to decide what suits you the most. This article brings you six most thoughtful yet less heard ways to landscaping backyard. Big or small, backyards will never look the same again.

Here Are 6 Backyard Decorating Landscaping Ideas

1. Feng Shui Style Landscaping

The Chinese style of landscaping has tremendous scientific merit attached to it. The prime elements which are incorporated are mountain or shan and water or shui. The energy of water and mountain is what combines the power of wellness in backyard. While mountain symbolizes harmony, good health and stability, water signifies piece. Obviously you have to create a virtual mountain in the backyard and for this particular purpose boulders and walls are your most credible options.

Feng Shui Style Landscaping

2. Foliage Garden Backyard

Can gardens full of roses and dahlias only beautify the backyard? Perhaps not because unlike foliage landscape; flowers in backyard can be seasonal. Foliage landscape is flowerless in nature. Some of the best foliage plants are pigsqueak that last the entire winter season provided the climate is not the coldest. Mondo grasses that are black in color provide perfect contrast between green and black.

Foliage Garden Backyard

3. Spanish Style Landscaping

Spanish style landscaping is vertical in appearance. The key role is played by specially designed Spanish flower pot holders that are inspired from the terracotta of southern Spain. The pot holders give you the liberty to choose in various shapes and colors.

Spanish Style Landscaping

4. Zen Style Landscaping

A very unusual way of landscaping is Zen garden which can be done with a little knowledge about Zen philosophy. There is little to no maintenance involved in this garden as it uses dry landscape concept. Major decoration items are gravels, stones and rock. Only evergreen plants and few flowers feature in the entire landscape thereby keeping your backyard less mushy.

Zen Style Landscaping

5. Backyard With Fountains

Perhaps a little pricey compared to other landscaping ideas but combining evergreen plants landscape with fountains can add to your delight and the envy of your neighbors. Imagine the sight of walking down the backyard with fountains releasing water from the top layer to the bottom. To enhance the beauty of the fountains at night, you can also use lighting. Wall fountains are also a great alternative that could add beauty to your backyard and patio.

Backyard With Fountains

6. Bonsai Garden

Bonsai gardens have originated from Japan. These are potted plants that have small trees in them. These miniature trees should be placed by following such an order that it looks as though you are walking through the forests. If there are no kids in the household then you can also add cactus plant in the backyard. Cacti plants require no maintenance or water at all.

Bonsai Garden

Tropical plants of different colors can make your backyard very vibrant and lively. Additionally you can also have banana tree in the backyard that simply spills greenery. Bamboo bits can be cut down to create sculptures before they grow too high. So, try the above mentioned your backyard garden decorating ideas and get more close to the nature’s beauty.

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