5 Wonderful Pergola Designs To Adorn Your Garden And Outdoors

Are you planning to have a pleasant shaded sitting area in your garden? Then go for a pergola. Pergola is a beautiful garden feature that forms a shaded walkway, sitting area, or passageway comprising vertical posts that support a sturdy open lattice. A pergola provides cool shade, offers support for creepers or climbing plants, and adds an exquisite visual appeal to your outdoors. So, let’s have a look at some amazing pergola designs that can help you adorn your garden and outdoors exclusively.

Find Below Some Wonderful Pergola Designs To Adorn Your Gardens And Outdoors

1. Pergola With Latticework

Pergola design comprising latticework offers you an exquisite garden feature. You can utilize latticework, beams, and wood posts to create this one of the most wonderful and popular types of pergolas for your outdoors. First, construct a square type pergola that measures ten feet in length and width and eight feet in height. Cover its top and sides with latticework. You can use redwood to make it more durable. Paint the pergola with latticework with a suitable shade of color, and enjoy relaxing with your family in the shady area of the pergola.

Pergola With Latticework

2. Columned Pergola

If you have a Tuscan or traditional home, then developing a columned pergola can be a beautiful addition to your garden. You can utilize columns and develop this exquisite pergola. Use four Corinthian or Roman style columns that are created using polyvinyl chloride to develop a firm pergola. Columns made using poured concrete provide greater strength. Develop top four sides of this structure by using wooden beams. You can use some trellises to create the top of the pergola. Cover the top with canvas shade or leave it plain. The presence of artistic columns in this type of pergola adds amazing visual impact to your outdoors and landscape.

Columned Pergola

3. Arched Pergola

Building an arched pergola in your outdoors can be an artistic feature to enhance your space. The arch offers this structure a dome like curve on the top and makes the structure more airy. Utilize redwood, iron, or steel to develop the arch. You can also find readymade, weather resistant arches developed out of steel or iron to enhance your garden. Having an arched pergola helps you have a rustic ambience in your outdoors. You can organize a small sitting and lunch arrangement under the top of the arched pergola. Also, you can have beautiful lighting arrangement on the inner side of the arch.

Arched Pergola

4. Japanese Pergola

If you have an Asian style inspired garden, then a Japanese pergola can be a great addition to your outdoors. Choose cedar material or redwood to create this artistic Japanese structure. Paint the pergola red to make it an exquisite centerpiece of your garden. You can develop a Japanese pergola between your lawn and flower garden as a transition point of these to area. Also, place some potted rose flowers and small plants in the corners of this pergola. You can place sofas and table and relax under the roof of this pleasant structure in your garden.

Japanese Pergola

5. Metal Pergola

You can use different metals and develop a metal pergola in your garden. You can use cast iron to form various shapes and designs to create exquisite pergola. The use of copper metal can help your have coppery brown or patina blue pergola in your outdoors. Even though certain metals, such as rebar, may rust, you can take care and maintain the metal structure in your garden. You can develop desired angular or curved designs by using metals to adorn your garden.

Metal Pergola

Now that you know these fabulous pergola designs to beautify your garden and outdoors, make sure you have one of these embellishing your outdoors.

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