5 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Stuff

Many people feel that old stuffs are useless and they tend to throw it away. But, many innovative and unique things can be prepared by using an old stuff. Old Stuffs are simple to make and they can be turned into great stuffs. There are some ways which should be followed to upcycle old stuffs. Every stuff has its own importance and people should know how to make use of it.

Some Of The Ways Are As Follows:

1. Use Of Glass Jars

Not all glass jars are needed in every home. There are cute mason jars which are sometimes thrown away. Instead of giving it away to the junkyard, the mason glass jars can be decorated with orchids or any other kind of flowers. In it, tea lights can be put and the glass jar can be hanged on the branches of trees which can be used a decorative item in the backyard of houses.

Use of glass jars

2. Use Of An Old Cabinet

People don’t like using old stuffs especially cabinets , etc. They are kept locked away in the store rooms for ages. There are some cabinets who have a antique charm to them. Those cabinets can be painted well and it can be kept in the bathroom for its all purpose use.

Use of an old cabinet

3. Touch Of Art

Broken pieces of furniture or doors and windows are thrown away by people. But, these stuffs can also be reduced. A broken piece of door can be taken and a frame can be put on all sides of the door. This can be hanged on the bedroom wall which will create a focal and lasting impression.

Touch of Art

4. Broken Chair As Nightstand

There are many damaged chairs and tables which are of no use anymore. The tables and chairs can be given a bold colour and it can be attached to the wall and can be used a nightstand in the bedroom.

Broken chair as nightstand

5. Old Shutters

There are many old shutters which are not used anymore. These can be given a mild paint and then used as windows in bedroom. This can give a more rustic feeling to the room. These are some of the ways to recycle old stuffs and use it again.

Old Shutters

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