5 Ways To Mix And Match Prints And Patterns At Home

Home decor is no easy task. It takes a lot of trial and error, innovation and creativity to get things just right. Using prints and patterns in your house gives it a new lease of life. Even theme based mix and match is a good idea for rejuvenating the environment inside one’s home. But mix and match of prints and patterns at home is a task that needs a lot of thought and deliberation. Every room of the house has a different demand in terms of art installations and other decor material.

Here Are 5 Ways To Mix And Match Prints And Patterns At Home

1. Floral Prints With Stripes And Checks

Floral prints are one of those versatile designs that go well with any room or any type of house. They are all about warm colors and welcoming designs. Floral usually come in asymmetrical design patterns so pairing them up with geometrical patterns is a great way to bring in some contrast in your home. The colors, of course, can be bright and vibrant for best results.

Floral Prints With Stripes And Checks

2. Animal Prints

Animal prints, no matter where they are used are of the bold variety. Even in homes, if you want to showcase your adventurous side, then animal prints are the way to go. Teaming this print with any pattern gives the room a good appearance. This combination is optimum for study rooms where there is a lot of sharp furniture. The animal prints can also be used as a background on the stairwell walls and teamed up with a plain patterned carpet.

Animal Prints

3. Natural Prints With Bricks Pattern

Brick patterns are very trendy and used almost everywhere around the world. This pattern has a somewhat welcoming appearance to it. On the one hand it represents the brick and mortar with which the house has been built and on the other it is a nice contrast to whatever decor you will use to do up your home. Almost any print goes perfectly well with this pattern and it is easy to mix and match using this combination. Since there are many patterns of bricks available in the market picking the right one that fits your requirement is advised.

Natural Prints With Bricks Pattern

4. Symmetrical Prints And Plain Colors

Symmetrical prints are computer generated prints and the options are literally endless. In fact, you can even make your own design of prints. You can choose the colors as well. These prints can be used on either on the walls or on the carpet. The best way to mix and match using the symmetrical prints is to use plain patterned furniture or drapes that will complement the intricate elements of this pattern. Blue and white, for example are a great combination as shown in the picture.

Symmetrical Prints And Plain Colors

5. Minimalist Oriental Prints And Patterns

Minimalism is the face of modern design. If the modern look is what you are after than opting for prints and patterns that look minimalist is the way to go. The good thing about oriental prints is that they look good anywhere. And the key to combining these two patterns and prints is not using too many colors. Oriental prints on white wall goes well with floral patterns on the floor and even on the furniture. So go for this combination if you live in a modernistic home.

Minimalist Oriental Prints And Patterns

Try the above mentioned prints and see the difference in your home decor.



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