5 Ways To Decorate Your Walls

Walls form an important part of every home, then why leave the walls blank. Decorating the walls can give your house a better and elegant look. Wall decoration is an art and is based on one’s creativity.

Below Are Few Simple But Effective Wall Decorations

1. Wallpaper

Wallpapers of different patterns can be easily found in the market. Select wallpapers of different colors and designs which suit your wall color and get an elegant look on the walls. Wallpapers are available in different shades and patterns and it depends on one’s taste to use it as a wall decor.


2. Family Photo Frames

Photo frames are the best way to capture memories. Get frames of different shapes and sizes and add special occasion family pictures such as birthday, marriage, holiday etc. this will not only give your walls a brighter look but also gives you a sense of homeliness. You can also use single oversized frames and prepare a family collage and display it on the walls.

Family Photo Frames

3. Chequered Walls

This wall design looks very elegant in your living room. You can select contrasting colors preferably black and white similar to a chessboard and paint any one wall in your living room with this combination to give it a chequered effect. Also you can select bright contrast colours and paint the room in blocks to get the complete look.

Checkered Walls

4. Large Paintings

Paintings give your walls a very classy look. You can get large paintings from the market easily or if you can paint yourself then showcase your talent on the walls. Beautiful paintings can give a bright and classic look to the walls. It is one of the most widely accepted trends across the globe.

Large Paintings

5. Music CD

Decorating the walls with music CD’s is an excellent but creative idea. You can use your own imagination and use cellophane papers, festoons, ice cream sticks to decorate the music CD’s and hang them in your study room. You can also make beautiful wall hangings out of these and decorate the walls. It gives you a chance to showcase your artistic talent and is a great display on the walls.

Music CD

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