5 Vintage Home Décor Ideas

The vintage style, when used for decorating your house brings in a classy, dorn appeal to the place. It can get you away from the stress and the usual boring everyday ways to decorate the room, but in itself will improve the ambience of the room with some of the old antiques. Try this with one of the rooms of the house where you would like that nostalgic feeling to take over.

Here Are 5 Great Ideas To Give A Retro Look And Style The Room With Vintage Decor

1. Add Vintage To The Entrance

Try to find an old, big bell with strings attached to it which can work instead of your regular doorbell. Bring in the guests with the music of that old bell in your house. If you want, you can get a wooden nameplate done and get the name inscribed in brass. Adorn the old, worn out springs of your bed to the plant pots.

Add vintage to the entrance
2. Prepare A Wine Cabinet Out Of An Old Dresser

If you have an old dresser which is practically useless then turn it into a wine cabinet and place out the wine bottles stacked in it one after the other.

Prepare A Wine Cabinet Out Of An Old Dresser
3. Use The Old Wooden Fencing

If you have an old wooden fencing in your house, then you can make good use of it to decorate a wall and hang interesting items to it such as photo frames, wall clocks, etc. It will make the wall more appealing and also will make good use of those wooden logs.

Use The Old Wooden Fencing
4. Gramophone

For all the music lovers, this one is going to be a catch! Try to get an old gramophone restored and place it in the sitting room or in the study where you would like to get peace after spending a tiring day. Also, bring in an old telephone with those numbers encircling the complete dial to act as an add-on.

5. Chandelier

The chandelier epitomizes royalty. Bring in an old chandelier having some of the candle holders in it and hang it to the room ceiling for a romantic date with all the candles lit. You can also use it for a classy party to make it look magnificent with a touch of vintage in it.


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