5 Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

Gardens are the best part of our homes. It is the place where we relax, rejuvenate and chill out with family and friends. It is also the place that needs a lot of care. While there are so many things in the garden, the plants are the most important and must be nurtured for keeping a well maintained garden. During the winter months, the garden is hardly used and most flowering plants do not bloom during this time of the year. Spring is the season when the garden dresses up in new colours. But, have you already decked up your garden for spring?

Here Are 5 Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

1. Start Cleaning Up

The first task in hand is cleaning up. During the fall and winter, a lot of broken branches, leaves and other waste must have collected on the garden floor. So, it is very important to remove everything on time, allowing spring bulbs to pop out without any hesitation. Similarly, it is also time to prune and shape the growing plants and big trees. Remove any dead or broken branches, shave the outgrown leaves and your garden will get back in shape in no time.

Start Cleaning Up

2. Prepare The Soil

The soil must be prepared before you plant any new seeds. As spring arrives, start working on the soil. It will be necessary to add some compost or manure to the soil. Use a pitchfork to turn the soil over and remove any weeds growing on it. Add the essential nutrients in the form of manure and let the soil absorb all of it for the next two weeks. Start planting only after the compost or manure has mixed well with the soil. This will give you healthy plants.

Prepare The Soil

3. Keep All Garden Tools Handy

As you are preparing for the spring season, it is very important to keep your garden tools handy. If you require new ones, get them before you start your task and if you have stashed it somewhere during fall and winter, take it out. By the time you start reusing them, they must be dirty. Wash off the tools with soapy water. Take some mineral spirit for cleaning wooden handles. Buy a new pair of gloves if your old ones look worn out.

Keep All Garden Tools Handy

4. Work According To A Plan

A garden must be well organized. Trees and flowering plants growing randomly do not look good. So, devote extra time and energy in planning your garden. Consult the local nursery for choosing seeds that are best for the season. Arrange plants according to height. Let the bigger ones grow along the edges of the garden and allow small potted plants to enjoy the sunlight in front. Mix perennial and annual flowers to keep the flowers blooming for longer periods. Select a few vegetables that can grow with flowering plants. Choose separate spots for planting vegetables and flowers.

Work According To A Plan

5. Maintenance Is key

Once your garden is ready for spring, be regular with its upkeep. By the middle of spring, flowers will start blooming and you must cut off dead flowers from the healthy stem, remove a few withering leaves and let the new flowers bloom on time. A layer of mulch can also be added on the ground by the end of spring. This will help to retain water, increase the soil’s nutrient content and prevent the growth of weeds.

Maintenance Is key

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