5 Tips For DIY Garage Storage

Living an organized life is all about making the use of all the available space. A garage is one such area where there is plenty of space available but more often than not, we fail to make proper use of it. As time passes, a garage becomes the family trash bin where everyone throws their things for later use and eventually forgets about them. But one doesn’t have to live like this forever. There are many efficient ways in which we can organize and arrange our garage and turn it into a master storage area.

Here Are 5 Tips For DIY Garage Storage

1. A DIY Bike Stand

Generally, bikes take up some room if not a lot, when placed in their usual positions. But with this bike stand the kids’ bikes can be decked up vertically on top of each other. This is basically using up the wall instead of the floor. Imagine the amount of space left free thanks to this stand. It is easy to build even with elementary carpentry skills and it is long lasting.

A DIY Bike Stand

2. Shelves, Shelves And More Shelves

These shelves can either be bought or put together with some wood and nails. Instead of stuff strew around all over the garage it can be limited to these shelves. This helps in maintaining a neat and clean look of the garage plus saves you a lot of room. You can use the left over wooden planks from your house to build these shelves yourself. The design is elementary and very easy to build. Organizing the shelves themselves, of course, is a task for another day!

Shelves, Shelves And More Shelves

3. Cabinets

If open shelves aren’t your thing, then cabinets are the way to go. Getting these multiple sized cabinets gives a very sophisticated look to your garage and you don’t even have to worry about how they look because all the stuff you throw around the garage is now actually covered up. So pick a cool design and some cabinets installed in your garage and see how space come crawling to you.


4. A Pseudo Attic For The Garage

The key to having a nice, spacious garage is all about space management. We have covered the walls. Now lets move on to the ceiling. Installing a wooden plank on the ceiling gives you the room you need to store things that you know you are not going to use in the near future. This is extremely useful for people who like to store everything. The installation can then be covered with some plywood of your liking to give it a nice finished look. This is a great way to create extra storage area in your garage.

A Pseudo Attic For The Garage

5. A Wall For The Tools

A garage is where we keep our tools. There is a better way of organizing these tools than to keep them in boxes and then looking for them frantically in time of need. A side of wall can be used to install tool shelf that can be easily made of fabric or plastic. It just needs to have a lot of pockets so that the tools can be kept properly. There are many ways to implement this idea and once done, it gives you ample storage space left in the garage.

A Wall For The Tools

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