5 Summer Living Room Ideas

Summer, oh red hot summer! It just pulverizes you, let alone all others. In the season where indoors provide respite in daytime, and if the few including you get to relax yourself then they got to get things right. As opposed to winters when you turn your room into anything but air tight containers, summer season is all about providing ventilation and making the room more airy. Speaking of rooms, the living room is the first to be rounded up as living rooms should be made a place that you could find as cheerful as you come out of your bedroom rubbing your eyes after a long night’s sleep. This is also the time that living room has to multitask as a bedroom in case the air-conditioner in your room faces any breakdown. For all the five living room ideas listed below, the thumb rules stay the same; an overhaul that does not deny the room of fresh air and optimum light.

Here Are 5 Summer Living Room Ideas

1. Indoor Hammock/Hammock Chairs

This living room idea brings you the beach accents straight into your living room. Hammock as you know provides great relaxation when out. Now is the time to let it suspend in your living room since it adds lots of novelty as well. Hammock in a living room is a great way to get over annoying kids who want some action outside in sweltering heat.

 Indoor Hammock/Hammock Chairs

2. Living Room daybed

As told earlier, bedroom may not take the load of too many occupants and provide cooling effect all the time. And if you happen to be the one who is somewhat a television buff not wanting miss any of your shows even in scorching afternoon, there is no reason why you should not add a living room daybed. It’d only be wise make the living rooms breathe some airy feel with light colored drapes.

Living Room daybed

3. Aqua Blue Hues

The living room of your house will certainly look a like an oasis in the cruelest season of the year. It’s about time you painted the walls in soft blue hue to get rid of dark one that tend to absorb heat. Strictly from the perspective of making the room serene and relaxed, this color scores big. Aqua blue or any shade of blue for that matter is pretty symbolic both in living room ideas and some beliefs that opine that blue is more preserving in nature than other hues.

Aqua Blue Hues

4. Cream And Green Living Room

While we are at it, it’d be a worthy mention that cream and green hue themed living room too is a winner hands down. The idea is basically to make the room fresher in look and feel with cream hue on curtain and even furniture. Green, on the other hand brings the natural surroundings one step closer to your living room. Oh yes, you can add few potted plants too!

Cream And Green Living Room

5. Neutral Living Room

Essentially for those who neither want a hammock strung up or just don’t like the entire idea of hue coming into play for living rooms. So here’s what you can do; opt for placid colors for your sofas which again should be traditional in design, keep the indoors minimal so far as secondary furniture is concerned. Skeptical as one can be, neutral living room does not look hideous and the decor does not want yo to break the bank.

Neutral Living Room

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