5 Shelving Ideas To Display Your Books

In case you are a bookworm, you would know the real value of each of them and would mother them till you are alive. With books piling up everywhere starting from your living room, bed room, or any particular room for the matter, it is time that you think of getting a book shelf for yourself right? However, even though you can customize the shelf as per your need, why not think a bit differently and display your treasures in a bit of varied way?

Here Are 5 Shelving Ideas To Display Your Books

1. Create A Book Bench

Think of you lazing on a bench while you tuck out a book from the bottom before dozing off to sleep? Interesting isn’t it? With a book bench you can easily so the same where you can create the book shelve beneath the bench and display your collection to all with pride! Add cushion to the bench and see how it becomes your favorite place to relax on!

Create A Book Bench

2. Book Hangers Are Great A Display Idea

Think of some of the commonly read books at your house hanging from a book hanger which can be easily made and customized as per need. Whilst it is not possible to hold too many and too heavy books on the hanger, but hanging the lightweight ones and the less number of books add charm and flavor to the entire room it adorns in. Perfect to showcase and display!

Book Hangers Are Great A Display Idea

3. A Book Shelf Looking Like A Tree

A great way to pep up any room in your home, a book shelf which looks like a tree, made up of wood can change the entire way books are displayed forever. Try keeping smaller quantity books on each of the branch, but it looks absolutely innovative and unique for sure. This idea can be easily implemented in any kid’s room as they would enjoy reading books and see the irony too! Trees of books you see!

A Book Shelf Looking Like A Tree

4. A Book Shelf With A Frame Encasing It

This book shelf design idea is for the classical book readers who do not like too much of deviation from the past and yet wants a different look to their room. The framed book shelf is best implemented in homes with big and airy rooms where this is not only an essential necessity but with the frame all over it, it has a great taste and culture associated with it. Quite an idea for fantasy readers as the frame showcases the idea of a mirror through which you can actually touch another world, via the help of books of course, still!

A Book Shelf With A Frame Encasing It

5. A Book Shelf Made Out Of An Old Piano

Well, this one is a real treat for the book lovers and also for a music fanatic who can see the best of both the world via this innovative book shelve. While an old worn out piano can easily give birth to a book shelf to display the books with élan, it has a lot of old country charm to it as well. Best fit for the ones who like classic and designer ideas to enthrall their tastes for the better.

A Book Shelf Made Out Of An Old Piano

Books are said to be men’s best friends. Keeping them in an organized way will make the room look beautiful. The above mentioned ideas will help you in keeping your books in an organized way.

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