5 Romantic Ideas For A Newlyweds’ Bedroom

 For A Newlyweds' Bedroom

When we think of Newlyweds, we associate them with all things cute and lovable. They are oh so cuddly about everything they do that your heart starts melting immediately. Their new life commences as soon as they get married and take their first step in the new house. Their bedroom thus marks the beginning of a new phase of this life. The bedroom of new couples should ooze romance and passion. To create such an ambiance

We Give You A Few Ideas For A Romantic Newlyweds’ Bedroom.

1. Love Corner

For a newly married couple’s bedroom, we can create a cozy corner. We can have a small couch on one side for them to spend some lovely moments together. If it is a bigger space, you can have a fireplace installed where they can snuggle up with each other with some wine and good music playing in the background. If both of you like to read, you can create a book stand with heart shaped book ends to read together and you can lay out a furry rug in between for some special effects and a perfect setting. Couple coffee mugs with photos or your initials will be the perfect addition on a side table nearby.

Love Corner

2. Framed Love

A photo wall is the in thing right now. Photos are moments captured that help you travel in time and bring back some special memories. A couple’s most precious times would be of their proposal, engagement, and wedding day. Thus, using these pictures and some of the other times spent in between we can create a memory wall. These photos can be placed randomly on a wall to give an abstract effect or can be placed in a systematic way if you like everything in neat order. We can also create a heart shape with the frames placed accordingly. Apart from a photo wall, photo frames can be casually put in various places depicting different occasions in your life. They can be placed on the wall behind the bed, on the dressing unit, on a side table or in a showcase.

Framed Love

3. Love Quotes

When you are fresh in your marriage, you get all mushy on every love quote you hear or read. These sayings bring some teachings along and give you food for thought when you are down and dull in your relationship. Hence, to keep the freshness alive, put up love quotes in random places in the bedroom in varied ways. One simple way is to frame words you live by on a wall you both see first thing in the morning. You can have a chalkboard placed on a side table and write a quote everyday yourself for a new romantic twist daily. If it is a short one, you can have it painted on one of your empty walls or engraved on your cupboards. This will add some spunk to your room.

Love Quotes

4. Love Baubles

When you see things that emit love and romance, some of it brushes on to you as well. The same applies on small items that you place in your bedroom. You can have a love swans’ or a love birds’ showpiece which is considered to be a good omen as well. Another option is to always have fresh flowers which bring in new energy every day. If this is not possible, you can do some decor with dry flowers in nice colors for some brightness. One more great option is to have couple cushions all around with cute words and sayings on them like ‘Mr. & Mrs.’, ‘Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right’, Handsome & Gorgeous and many similar things. If you want something more personalized, you can have your wedding date inscribed on your wall clock so that every second you are reminded of your special day.

Love Baubles

5. Illuminating Love

Lights always end up creating the perfect ambiance required for any mood. Therefore, having the right lights in the bedroom is surely important. You can have changing lights which will give you a different level of romance every time, in addition to some newness. If you create a photo wall, you should have lights right on top for those moments to shine brighter. Small LED lights on the sides of your bed or running around your bed increase the love quotient. You should also have the option of dimming your lights for the right atmosphere whenever needed. Moreover, you can have windows constructed in a manner which throw minimal sunlight on your bed so that when you wake up on a Sunday morning, you both can snuggle up longer.

 Illuminating Love

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