5 Pretty Lawn Edging Ideas

Defining the boundaries of the lawn and flower beds create a neat look and makes the garden or yard more beautiful. There are so many materials available for marking the edges of lawn. However, some interesting ideas that are unique and will add a modern look to the garden are given here.

Here Are 5 Pretty Lawn Edging Ideas

1. Brick

A brick edging gives a traditional as well as modern feel and would also blend well with the plants at edge. You can either lay the bricks as pathway between the lawn and the border plants or arrange those artfully to define the boundary. Bricks serve as a permanent edging and are resilient. You can create interesting patterns with bricks to add more beauty to the garden. One tip to prevent damage to your mower is keeping the edging low.


2. Wood

An easy to install edging that blends completely with the plants and at the same time safe for the environment is wood edging. While it might be a bit difficult to adjust wood edging at curves, the natural appearance and the soil enriching properties of the edging make it more likable. You can use cut logs, woven wood, scrap wood, rail road ties, etc for edging. Just explore your creativity and wake up your inner artist to generate unique and fresh wood edging ideas.


3. Sea Shells

Using large sea shells to define the edge of the lawn will make a striking border you will not find in many gardens or yards. The color contrast between the sea shells and the greenery will be eye-catching and will make the garden vivacious. Create some artful outline to make the overall appearance of the yard or garden more interesting. While the large shells give the effect of a wall, the smaller ones can be used to build a rock garden effect.


4. Bottles

Edging lawns with colorful bottles will create a cool down-home look. Collect used bottles of same size for the edging. Bury the bottle upside down one after the other in the soil to mark the edges of the lawn. Use a metal edging alongside the bottles to prevent any migration of lawn into the flower beds. This will be a refreshing change to the usual edging ideas.


5. Terracotta

Terracotta is a fantastic material for edging. A lot of edging strips, pipes, tiles, easy to assemble edging units are available. Moreover, the color of terracotta edging will match the pots in the yard or garden, give a traditional feel and will not cause any damages to the environment.


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