5 New Ways To Style Your Bed’s “End Zone”

Preferring a beautiful bedroom is what everyone wishes. A bedroom should be decorated in its utmost elegancy and all spaces should be used up very carefully with full innovation. One such space which is left out in most bedrooms is the bed’s end zone which is not paid much attention. The bed’s end zone is a left out ignored space which if used properly can bring more brightness and make a room look more spacious. There are many ways in which the end zone can be decorated. Stack up a few books or put on a table in the end zone, everything will just look fine and perfect.

Some Of The Ways To Decorate Your Bed’s End Zone Are Listed As Under

1. Putting Up Some Antique Suitcases

Anything unique and of the ancient times look bold and classy. This can add a new look to the room. One such idea is to put up some old and antique suitcases at the end zone of the bed. The suitcases should be cleaned up properly and useful and important stuffs can be kept inside them. They should be stacked up one on top of the other. If you want to create a better impression, then the suitcases should be stacked with the bigger one in the bottom and smaller one on top.

Putting Up Some Antique Suitcases

2. Use Of Storage Tables

Vintage storage tables are in use in the present times. These tables can be kept at the end zone of the beds. On top of these vintage tables, one can prefer keeping suitcases stacked with clothes. Two to three tables can be kept in one line and different coloured tables can be preferred which can return back the hue in the room. Other than suitcases, lights or any other kind of stuff can be also be kept on it.

Use Of Storage Tables

3. Keeping A Chaise Lounge

If you want the space at the end zone of the bed to be used up in a creative way, then you can surely keep a chaise lounge at the end zone of the bed. The lounge can be kept in a horizontal position to take up all the space. This lounge can be very helpful at times just to relax or sit and enjoy some leisurely time. Nice looking pillows and a towel can be kept on the lounge to give that extra look to the bedroom. Books can also be stacked inside the lounge so that people can read it whenever they want to.

Keeping A Chaise Lounge

4. Choice Of Using A Bookcase

What can be better than keeping of books at the end zone? A wide bookcase can be kept at the end zone of the bed where you can keep nearly all kinds of books that you prefer. There is even one more way to store books. A wooden pile can be taken and it can be stacked with magazines to make it look like a table and on top of the wooden pile, other decorative stuffs can be kept.

Choice Of Using A Bookcase

5. Trio Basket Sets

A trio basket set can be kept to add a style and charm to the room. The baskets should be hand woven to make it look rustic and traditional. These baskets can be used to store pillows and bed sheets.

Trio Basket Sets

These are some of the ways to decorate the end zone of the beds and make it look stunning. When you have a great bedroom, the whole house seems lively!

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