5 Multiple Purpose Furniture Ideas


Multipurpose furniture, as the name suggests can be used for more than one purpose in any household. They are known to be very creative as far as design is concerned and some of the multipurpose furniture combine aesthetic feel with modern design. The biggest advantage of having multipurpose furniture is that it consumes less space compared to normal furniture. People who are constantly moving from one city to another prefer multipurpose furniture the most. In terms of mobility, the multipurpose furniture score high and they are becoming a preferred furniture by those who have small business offices.

Here Are 5 Multiple Purpose Furniture Ideas

1. Modular Sofa

Speak of multipurpose furniture and modular sofa is more than a handful. The sofa can be transformed into a single bed easily and it can also be the sitting arrangement for your guests in case they show up in your office or home.
Modular Sofa

2. Bookcase And Levitating Sofa

If you are a bookworm and want all the novels and magazines at your disposal then spare a thought The Ramsa sofa designed by Younes Duret. The levitating sofa can store a selection of books in a small chamber beneath and hence you don’t have to get up to keep them in shelve before dozing off.

Bookcase And Levitating Sofa

3. Pool/ Dining Table

Eat and play, or is it play while you eat? In an excellent amalgamation food and fun, the table has two sections; one for dining and the other one is a mini pool table. The makers Koralturk surely know the meaning upgrading innovation to a different level.

Pool/ Dining Table

4. Sauna And Wardrobe

One word; unbelievable. Yet it is true that your long borne fantasy of having a wardrobe at a handshaking from sauna comes to reality courtesy Anna van der Lei. Highly compact, this furniture takes very less space and has innovation written all over it. Check this out; specially designed joints that expand when they become wet just to ensure water is in abundance.

Sauna And Wardrobe

5. Radiator And Chair Combo

A sort of boom for those who have back spasm and want a heat source even while they are seated in a chair. The design takes inspiration from Gerrit’s Ritveld’s Zig Zag chair.

Radiator And Chair Combo


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