5 Lovely Parasol Ideas For Your Garden And Outdoors

Are you planning to make your outdoors more pleasant by adding parasols? That’s a great idea! Parasols are simple, lovely additions to your poolside and outdoor gardens that help enhance charm of your outdoors. You will find that most of the parasols are umbrella-shaped that help you have relaxing time in the shade without exposing you to the scorching heat of the sun. So, let’s have a look at some fabulous parasol ideas to enhance your outdoor appeal.

Find Below Some Beautiful Parasol Ideas For Creating Exquisite Outdoors

1. Tulip Parasol

Tulip parasols are similar to the shape of tulip. These parasols add grace and elegance to your outdoors. You can find tulip parasols in various sizes, colors, and patterns. Choose one which suits your garden and outdoors the best. Having tulip parasols helps you have summer-party feel in your outdoors and can accommodate about ten individuals under it. You can also add comfortable sofas and sitting arrangement beneath it to relax in the open air.

Tulip Parasol

2. Frou Frou White Parasol

Another lovely type of parasol is Frou Frou white parasol which is full of white polypropylene raffia that adds a contemporary appearance to it. Exquisite white fringes sway in the open air and its appearance look fabulous when you install this amazing parasol next to your outdoor pools. It imparts a tropical ambience to your garden and outdoors.

Frou Frou White Parasol

3. Japanese Parasol

If you want to add attractive, colorful parasol in your outdoors, choose a beautiful Japanese parasol. It adds an interesting effect to your outdoors. You can choose an exquisite colorful parasol made up of either nylon or paper to add Japanese style touch to your garden. You can also have this pretty Japanese parasol in outdoors when you are hosting any party, wedding, or event.

Japanese Parasol

4. Square Shaped Parasol

Square shaped parasol is modern type of outdoor décor that can be tilted from both the sides. The top of the parasol is square in shape offering you great shade on a sunny day. Also, the square parasol rotates 360 degrees helping you have a flexible addition in your outdoors to relax.

Square Shaped Parasol

5. Shadylace Parasol

If you want to add a stylish touch to your outdoors, opt for shadylace parasol. It is one of the fabulous, fashionable parasols with lacey elements that not only look great in your garden but also enhance your pool side ambience. It adds beautiful, trendy touch to your outdoors.

Shadylace Parasol

Now that you know these fantastic parasols, make sure you have one of them in your garden or poolside to improve your outdoors significantly.

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