5 Interior Upgrades To Add Unique Character To Your Living Space

Home is where we spend our lives. Home is where our happiest memories take form. It is only fair that home should be perfectly designed and maintained because that is where we are at our happiest. A lot of us don’t really pay attention to the fine details our homes demand which is a shame because so much can be done to make the house really beautiful. A good home décor is a great way to showcase your creativity.

Let’s Look At Some Interior Upgrades That Add Unique Character To Your Living Space

1. An Aquarium Headboard Over The Bed

If you are looking for that extra sheen in your house then an aquarium is a great idea. It comes in different designs and you can choose what corals and sea life you want in your aquarium. Which essentially means that you can customize it to your liking and install it on the headboard over the bed. With the right lighting, your bedroom is sure to look like a page out of a fairy book.

An Aquarium Headboard Over The Bed

2. Glass Floor

A glass floor is elegance personified. They have become popular in the last decade or so and are now being seen modern and minimalist at homes. It is a great way of showcasing a creative yet simple idea. In a living room it looks classy. If you are living in 2 storey house and have a glass floor overlooking the ground floor, then it looks adventurous. Invest in a glass floor for its modern and swanky design that will add character to your living space.

Glass Floor

3. A Sandbox Under Your Feet

Who doesn’t like burying their feet in sand? You don’t live near the ocean but you want the ocean feel in your home? Well, a sandbox is the way to go. Not only does it make you feel connected to nature and earth and a distant ocean somewhere, it also makes your home look unique and creative.

A Sandbox Under Your Feet

4. A Suspended Bed

This is taking bunk beds to an all new level. An ultra-modern makeover to the traditional bedroom that oozes with oomph and style. Minimalism is all about the whites and contrast. Lots of space around this suspended bed makes the bedroom look bigger than it actually is. It is an extremely unique idea and one that will add character to your home. So go for a suspended bed. Another variation of this kind of bedding is having a suspended bed over the stairs or any other free area of your home. That not only saves space but also gives your house that unique look.

A Suspended Bed

5. Fiber Optic Starry Lighting

Who doesn’t want to look at stars at night? But with our polluted cities and traffic laden streets, it is almost impossible to indulge in star gazing. There is always the artificial starry night option though. Go for fiber optic starry lighting. Not only are they completely viable for daily use, but when you have guests at home, it becomes even more special. Whether it is the bedroom or the living room, having stars over your head is always a good idea. Not to mention the exotic and beautiful look that they give your house.

Fiber Optic Starry Lighting

These upgraded ideas are surely going to add some different look to your house. You can try them in any area of your house. Choice is totally yours!

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