5 Interesting Furniture Ideas For Tiny Balcony

Are you looking for some good ideas to beautify your tiny balcony and make it more functional and interesting? Here are five furniture ideas that will help convert your small sun space into an interesting, comfortable and useful outdoor space where you would love to spend your time.

Here Are 5 Interesting Furniture Ideas For Tiny Balcony

1. Color

Choosing bright colored balcony furnishings and accessories is a smart way to make the balcony look bigger and sets the tone by adding more liveliness. Cheerful, summery and friendly colors for balcony accessories such as cushion, tablecloths, flower pots, etc will draw attention and make the small space look pretty and trendy.


2. Folding Furniture

Foldable furniture such as chairs, tables, Murphy bar, is generally considered the best option for saving space and making the small balcony more functional. Go for lightweight and handy folding chair and tables made of timber or metal. Choose bright colored ones or colors that match the railing of the balcony to create a harmonious picture overall. If possible hang down the folded furniture against the wall when not in use to save space.

Folding Furniture

3. Hanging Tables

If the balcony is very small for placing a table, then just go for tables that could be hung down from the railings or wall. Hanging corner tables are another great idea to adjust space in tiny patios. These are even better when they could be removed or moved around, so that you can get some extra space and enjoy the sun or avoid it depending on your choice.

Hanging Tables

4. Floor Cushions

If your balcony is very small for tables and chairs, just turn it into a cozy reading and relaxing alcove by placing fitting cushions or mattress on the flooring. A soft and spongy mattress or large sized cushions that are bright and of contrast colors will make the space very comfortable, warm and welcoming for you to curl up and rest. Floor cushions are traditionally used in India, Japan, etc. Floor cushions provide extra seating in limited space and create a more contemporary appearance.

 Floor Cushions

5. Hammocks

A hammock hung in the balcony is another great idea to create some extra space and relax in small balconies. Just hang the hammock slightly low such that your body stays below the balcony rails when you rest on it. It gives a modern feel to the balcony and is sheer luxury in a small space.


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