5 Interesting Curtain Ideas For Your Home

Curtains are the best décor items to spruce up your room in a moment. It not only makes the room stylish, but also enhances its look considerably. Fine fabrics, linen window coverings or sheer curtains can be wonderful choices for your home. Curtains can also be chosen based on its utility in a room. For example, bedrooms can have heavy, dark curtains that create a cosy environment and bathrooms can utilize shower curtains to create interesting divisions. Whether you are opting for custom made or readymade curtains, it gives a polished look to a room. Depending on your budget and preferences, there are plenty of curtain ideas that can be utilized in your home.

Here Are 5 Interesting Curtain Ideas For Your Home

1. Incorporate Colours

Curtains are the best way to incorporate colour to your room. A dull and drab room suddenly becomes lively with the introduction of curtains. They are often referred to as an extension of the room and therefore, you can either choose pastel shades, matching the wall colours or select a contrasting colour. For example, a beige room will look vibrant with light pink or peach curtains. Similarly, you can pick a dark coloured curtain with an elegant border to add a new look.

Incorporate Colours

2. Choose Fabrics Wisely

The right kind of fabric can make curtains functional as well as durable. If it is too heavy, it might look clumsy and a light one may not create the look you desire. When choosing curtains for the living room or bedroom, try to opt for cotton, linen, velvet, silk or faux silk curtains. They not only add a dramatic effect to the room but, also adds functionality. It allows only the right amount of light to creep in and are adjustable, allowing you to mix and match different types of fabric. Depending on the mood, curtains can be selected. If you opt for a formal look, silk and velvet can be excellent choices but, if you are looking for casual ones, go for cotton.

Choose Fabrics Wisely

3. Mix And Match Curtains

Curtains are an important component of a room and can be mixed and matched according to your taste. In bedrooms, use a sheer curtain close to the window and layer it with a darker fabric which can be drawn at night to prevent light. In the morning, the darker ones can be kept fastened, allowing the sheer curtain to flow and add light to the room.

Mix And Match Curtains

4. Select Interesting Patterns

The patterns on your curtain can breathe new life to your living space. A silk or velvet curtain will add a touch of elegance to your room, while a fun geometric pattern can be used to completely overhaul the look and feel of a room. Golden curtains with diamond patterns can be used for creating a classy look. Similarly, retro motifs, bold colours and patterns will produce a trendy and fresh look.

Select Interesting Patterns

5. Use Shower Curtains In Bathrooms

Shower curtains create an interesting division within a bathroom. It not only adds to the décor but also helps you keep laundry or the washing machine hidden in a corner. It also prevents water from spilling out of the bathing area and helps to keep the bathroom dry and squeaky clean. Besides, these curtains can also be used in the kitchen to divide the space and add a little storage area.

Use Shower Curtains In Bathrooms

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