5 Innovative Bookshelf Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

Are you looking for some cute yet functional ideas to display your junior’s book collection at home? Well, when it comes to create a library to store the books of your little ones, there are plenty of unique, creative and functional displays that you can go for rather than just a simple book shelf. Here are five appealing and sweet ideas to help you with it. Have a look to get more creative and design a original and special bookshelf for your little one.

Innovative Bookshelves For Kid’s Rooms

1. Spice Rack Shelf

A simple straight-forward design spice rack can be repurposed as an easily accessible book shelf in your kid’s room. Just paint it with vibrant colors to match your kid’s room decor and install it at low height, so that the little one can reach it comfortably. A clever, inexpensive storage idea right!

 Spice Rack Shelf

2. Skateboard Shelves

If you have your favorite skateboards that you had used during your childhood in the storeroom taking space and collecting dust, then it is time to repurpose it and convert it into a designer book shelf for your kid’s room now. Yes, with some threads rods, bolts, shelf brackets, washers, paint and of course your skateboards, you can build a beautiful book shelf for your kids room and have it as a keepsake of your childhood memories.

Skateboard Shelves

3. Cloud Shelves

The cloud shaped shelves made of cardboard or wood is decorative, functional and a perfect addition to add fun to the kids room. Paint the shelf with either blue or white and attach it to the wall at a more reachable height. It will be the most adorable addition to the little ones room.

Cloud Shelves

4. Book Tree

This is another fascinating bookshelf as well as décor that will make reading and storage very interesting. If there is a lot of open portion of wall in the room with no decor or furniture, then a book tree will be prefect to make a statement fit.

 Book Tree

5. Book Wall

If you want your little one’s room to be less complicated with minimal decor and furniture, then a book wall would be a good idea to fill up the open walls or dead corners and be the focal point in the room. Yes, you can convert an entire wall into a bookshelf from bottom to top to display all of your junior’s and your book collection.

Book Wall

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