5 Incredible IKEA Hacks Which Make You Small Bathroom Look Bigger

When you are in a big city that means you are adjusting with your accommodation. Most of the cases the bathroom is very small and looks tiny little space. This situation is really common no matter where you are. Big cities are really costly. Therefore, the best solution is you need to make this place look bigger than it is. You have to apply some tricks that really help you to make your bathroom look spacious. It is easy, there are ideas no worries.
Here are some clever ideas to make your bathroom look bigger and brighter than usual.

Here Are 5 Incredible IKEA Hacks Which Make You Small Bathroom Look Bigger

1. Use White

White is the colour which reflects light much more than other colours. Therefore, use white tiles, white walls and also white colour fixtures. The white colour décor will reflects the light and makes it look more spacious. The white colour will also refresh the mind. Use white on your ceiling too.

Use White

2. Match The Tone

Always use large tiles in the bathroom. If your bathroom is not white and you can’t afford to change it then don’t worry. If your tiles are in beige colour then make the bathroom in one shade. You can paint the walls of the bathroom in the same colour of the tiles. Remember dark colour will make your bathroom look smaller. If your bathroom tiles have in dark shades then paint the walls in two tone lighter shades or you can go for the mix and match concept. Like, make opposite walls in one color and other two in white.

Match The Tone

3. Use Outside Light

More light can make your bathroom look bigger and brighter. Use the natural light which is coming from the window. Don’t try to cover it fully. You can use the hazy icy glass in the window to let the light in. You can also arrange a white transparent curtain on the window so that the light will come inside but no one will see inside. Never ever cover the window with some dark coloured glass or curtain. It will definitely destroy the beauty of the bathroom as well as it will make your bathroom look smaller.

Use Outside Light

4. Mirrors

Mirror is the best way to decorate your small bathroom. The mirror reflects the light and it can make your room look bigger. You can make a wall with an oversized mirror or you can place a long full length mirror or you can place multiple mirrors. But avoid sticking with only a small tiny one above the sink. Mirror effect will make your bathroom gorgeous and brighter. It is one of the best ideas to decorate your bathroom. Another important point is used clear glass in the shower room so that the walls can be seen. It will also very effective for bathroom look.


5. Floating Furniture

Make your bathroom furniture more stylish. Fix the furniture on the wall which has no legs on the floor. It should be attached only on the wall. Arrange more drawers and shelves. Place your bathroom essentials on those drawers and shelves. This way your floor will be clear and the bathroom will look more spacious. Keep your towels behind the bathroom door. Fix two to three handles behind the door and hang your towel and bathrobe on those handles. You can also arrange two to three white floor mats for a better look. These mats will also make your bathroom much bigger. But use smaller furniture in the bathroom to make it more spacious.

Floating Furniture

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