5 DIY Platform Beds

Who doesn’t love a comfortable bed? Warm and cosy beds can make anyone like a bedroom instantly. Platform beds are the new thing that is in trend. There is not even a chance that platform beds can be out of place. There are many advantages of having platform beds such as it can save a lot of money and there are built in storage boxes that are present in platform beds for the purpose o storing different things.

Here Are 5 DIY Platform Beds

1. Wooden Platform Bed With Storage Facilities

Completely made of wood that gives it a sleek and stylish style, these DIY platform storage beds come with storage spaces which helps to store any of the bedroom essentials easily. Many storage compartments are made in these kind of platform beds.

Wooden Platform Bed With Storage Facilities

2. DIY Platform Beds With Wheels

The best one in platform beds as the ones with wheels can be moved about easily in the room and the room can be arranged accordingly. The wheels remain invisible and it does not disturb the decorum of the style of the bed.

DIY Platform Beds With Wheels

3. King Sized DIY Platform Beds

These platform beds are built with high quality wooden planks that give this bed a very stylish look. The legs of the bed are made with metal legs and the king sized ones are costly as compared to the other platform beds. There is no storage boxes or drawers mostly present in these platform beds but drawers can be made according to the requirements of the people using it.

King Sized DIY Platform Beds

4. DIY Platform Beds In A Modern Style

These beds with headboards look very chic and modern and liked by teenagers and adults alike. These platform beds don’t take up much space and they can be designed by giving height as suited by the users.

DIY Platform beds in a modern style

5. V Leg DIY Platform Beds

These beds look elegant because of the V leg that supports the bed. Metal hair pin type legs hold the frame of the bed and these beds are costly as compared to the others. These are some of the amazing platform beds that are loved by one and all!

V Leg DIY Platform Beds

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