5 DIY Inspired Canopy Beds

Your Bedroom plays the role of the most essential room of your home so you are more prone to decorate your bed room rather than other rooms of your home as this room is the place where you come to take rest after a long busy day, and this is also the room where you can feel most comfortable and can stay free. It is your most private place where you stay in relax room having a good time with your partner.

Decorating the bed room the first thing that comes to your mind is to make over or to replace your old bed with a brand new designer bed easily available in the market. As buying a bed gives a huge blow in your pocket as designer and canopy beds are quite expensive, instead of that you can simply make some changes in your old bed to make it look like a canopy bed.

Here Are 5 DIY Inspired Canopy Beds

1. Hanging Curtains

This is the most easiest and pocket friendly method of giving a canopy look to your bed is to hang curtains with a drapery rod easily available in the market. This will give a very romantic and charming look to your bed make sure the bed room ceiling is brightly painted as it will give a contrast look to your bed room. Another method other than curtain is to hang a piece of Marimekko fabric cloth over your bed by tied with some strings on its four corners it will help you to add a bright effect to your room along with the canopy design to your bed.

Hanging Curtains

2. Using A Metal Rod

It is also a very pocket friendly idea to give your bed a canopy look by just buying a metal rod easily available in the market and hung it over the headboard of your bed and it is a quite easy method to make your old made a canopy bed without buying a new one , you can also go for an embroidery rod to give an exotic look to your canopy.

Using A Metal Rod

3. Hanging Branches

if you are craving for a vintage and rustic looking canopy on your bed then instead of a metal rod go for natural branches it is also not a very difficult method to do just make a stylish headboard DIY canopy and make it hang from the branches by arranging a bright and charming fabric with flirty designs.

Hanging Branches

4. Sloping Style Roof

Though this is not an exact canopy look but still it may give you a glimpse of canopy bed along with a very classy and romantic feel. You just have to make a slope design over your head and hang the curtains on it and it will give a sloping design over your headboard and also it will cover your bed to give a luxury feel and look.

Sloping Style Roof

5. Making Canopy With Hoops

Adding hoops is a great idea in creating canopy on your bed and it is one of the best method to give your bed a canopy look and it is tried by many people and they are very satisfied with this idea, for this you need a stylish hoop available in the market some nice fabric and a string you can also use some beads if you want as it will help you to give more attractive look.

Making Canopy With Hoops

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