5 Different Windows For Stylish Rooms

Windows are used for natural ventilation within the house or apartment. Sunlight and air enters the room through windows which is highly required for a hygienic living. Windows can be of various sizes, shapes and material with different names depending upon the climatic conditions of any country. Vintage or antique windows are very valuable and its old or damaged appearance gives an inventive atmosphere, whereas it has a good longevity and durability. Most of the vintage windows are made of woods. Oak wood with fine grains, high density and long durability, in 70’s century were used as building material for houses and buildings, huge barrels are made from Japanese oak wood, naval ships are made for being durable, now a days it is used for making of furniture. Maple wood is also a source through which furniture and window frames are made, Sal wood is hardwood found in India, fine texture with dark brown color used for construction purpose because of being durable specially for doors, windows and frames not only today but from ancient times. These are three major wood used for the construction of buildings even in modern days no better replacement is found though various plywood laminations, seasoned wood are found in market, from old buildings we get the antique windows and doors , few manufacture vintage doors and windows due to the demand of the consumers. Apart from natural ventilation few can be used to beautify the rooms.

In vintage windows Louver windows, Bay windows, Arch windows, Awning windows, French windows gives more innovative ideas for any form of appealing appearance. Windows vary in sizes, panels and materials generally different wood, it develops an antique atmosphere because of the antique items along with the interest of giving a change over to the space.

1. Louver Window:

In living rooms louver window shutters painted in any bright color hanged on the wall vertically or horizontally with a beautiful scene or plants images fixed in between both the shutters looks mesmerizing effect to the room.

In lobby areas of entrance or dining areas a single shutter can be fixed as bracket with making an utility for towels to hang, glass louver windows in bathrooms are the best as it not only provides privacy but at the same time can help in proper ventilation to keep the toilet dry and clean, partition between the toilet and dressing room can be applied through glass louver windows again for privacy and natural ventilation, glass louver windows can be of different colors, wooden shutters are not appropriate for toilets or bathroom because of usage of water.

Louver Window

2. Bay Window:

Vintage bay windows are best suitable for bungalows or villas which gives a classic view where ever it is, dining room or living room. The projected slab from the main wall provides a place for sitting to enjoy the early morning coffee in winters or reading books under the natural sunlight. External elevation because of the windows gives an aesthetic architectural vision to the villa or bungalow. In kitchen the bay window can be added to use as a cupboard by fixing it on the wall to keep required things and refine the kitchen area. Extended slab of the bay windows can also be used as the place for planters in dining areas. Bay windows provides an extra space to the room and makes the room look more spacious in area then its original area and provides a greater amount of natural ventilation because of the window width, these windows are highly beneficial if planned properly.

Bay Window

3. Arched Window:

The windows with an fixed arch at the top which works as ventilator and the bottom work as paneled window. Arched windows are one of the oldest forms which not only provides ventilation but gives any curve gives an artistic sensation to the atmosphere arch window as a vintage can be hang on the wall of the living room with a family picture attached to it which give an ornament to the picture and the room. According to the architectural point of view arches are of many types among which Gothic arch, Ogee arch, Roman arch are mostly found to be used in residential places which not only beautifies the internal space but includes the aesthetic view of the external portion of the residence.

Arched Window

4. Awning Window:

These types of windows may be placed in kitchen or in balconies, it can be opened inward or outward as it is built with a hinge during their construction for their movement in both direction to prevent from the rainfall. It also acts as a ventilator providing spontaneous flow of air, enter of sunlight through it, sizes varies according to the usage of the window in the room. The glasses can be painted in various artistic forms such as quotes, etching of glass panel, or colorful paintings in the vintage awning windows and placing at the corridor or lobby of any house gives an inventiveness or fixing it above a shelve with  the panel outward from the wall giving a shade to a showpiece or a planter attends more attention.

Awning Window

5. French Window:

These windows have less sill height than rest of the windows, initiates to give access to more of light and ventilation which opens to the balcony or a garden because of its less sill height it is not advisable to use French windows at the external walls without any front opening areas or landing as it may lead to accidents. French windows not only provides proper ventilation but also gives an elegance to the area. French windows with louver shutters, glass panels are incredible as we can see and feel the scenic beauty around. In master bedroom antique French window frames  with glass panels can be fixed on the wall, painting of a scenery such as flower garden or  sun rise can give an effect of a open window, although it is suggested for those who have a larger master bedroom and can provide it on an empty wall where decoration is required.

French Window

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