5 Cute Ideas For Repurposing Wine Corks

If you consider yourself a wine lover then you must have the stock for the festival season. It is common to send empty wine bottles to the recycling process. But have you ever thought about the increasing number of the wine corks at your place? You may find a bag full of wine corks in your junk area which have occupied an extra space. What will be the use of these wine corks? Are you going to drop these corks in the dustbin? No worries. There have some wonderful ideas to make meaningful use of the wine corks. In fact, wine cork can be the raw material of some very nice gifts or decorative items or home utility. It is just your imagination with which you can make some good use. Only wine lovers know the importance of the corks. So it must be a bit unique and exclusive gift item for them. The truth is we can’t cut down trees for the huge demand of the corks. Rather the materials of the corks can be reusable and send it for recycling process. It will be an eco-friendly step to make beautiful hand crafts with those corks which have stopped being used. So hold your excitement because we are going to share some wonderful ideas for reusing the wine corks.

Here Are 5 Cute Ideas For Repurposing Wine Corks

1. Wreath

Perhaps this is the one item where you can make the best use of wine cork. But your collection should be huge. You can make a cork wreath with this wonderful material. Make a circle and keep these corks piling in an alternative direction. Stick the corks with some effective glue to keep them in the place. When it is done, decorating it with attractive sparkly ribbon to make it exceptional. The size will be according to you and the availability of the corks. You can hang it on your main door to decorate the door for the festivals. Keep it new with changing the ribbon colour and decoration time to time.


2. Notice Board

Make your own notice board at the home with corks. How is the idea? Collect an old cracked photo frame and arrange those corks in the place of the glass. Remember the frame should be bigger than usual photo frames. Arrange these corks in different pattern and stick these with hot glue. Keep this homemade notice board in the kitchen or in the office or just beside the main door for messages. Guests will leave their messages on your creative notice board for you. This is one of the best ways to reuse the corks. The idea makes your place look special with natural impact.

Notice Board

3. Floor Mat

Have you ever thought that wine corks can be the raw material of the floor mat? This is the coolest idea. Isn’t it? Arrange your wine cork collection like a mat and stick these with each other. Place this unique floor mat in front door or in the mudroom for keeping the room clean. You can also place it in the bedroom or in the drawing room to decorate with your handcraft. You can also use some color on it to look more attractive.

Floor Mat

4. Coaster

Wine cork has the heat absorbing power. Therefore, you can use this quality to make your home utility. Arrange corks in small sizes like the coaster and stick it with each other with the help of glue. You can make the size and the shape of the coaster according to your choice. It will save your dining table cloth from heat and definitely increase the beauty of the dining room. You can also write some wonderful messages on the corks to make it more attractive.


5. Toys

Wine corks can be the excellent material for children’s toys. You can use corks as the base of the toys. Like some toy army men standing in the wine corks base or you can charge up your creativity and make a toy with the corks. The only material you need wine corks, knife for making the shape and glue. You can build an animal or a house or trains with these little eco-friendly items with your children. This way your child will be creative, concentration power will increase and together you and your children will spend a quality time. The added advantage is your creativity, the toy. They can play with the toy. It will be light weight with exclusive look. Isn’t it a wonderful idea? It must be.


The above mentioned ideas are surely going to enhance the beauty of your house. So, try them out.

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