5 Best Interior Decorating Ideas For Any Room

Many people believe that there are strict rules in designing a room. Even designers do not follow any rule book. Creativity is present within us by nature. It reveals itself through intuitions, fantasies and imaginations. There are certain tips or principles that we can follow to decorate our rooms according to our taste. They are not difficult tasks and are easy to learn. These creative ideas are hassle free and useful in creating a designer modified room.

Try The List Below And Make Your Room Delightful In No Time

1. Artworks Should Be Suspended At The Right Height

Artwork is something precious for people to see and admire. Hence do not hang it at a height that everyone has to crane their necks to have a look. Just because your ceiling is high doesn’t mean that the work of art must be hanged higher. The height must not be compared to the building’s scale but to human’s scale. The normal procedure is to hang them at the midline which is 57 to 60 inches from the floor since the median human eye level is about 57 inches. This is followed in the art galleries and museums.

 Artworks Should Be Suspended At The Right Height

2. Different Levels Of Light Effects

Lighting is very important in interior designing. Experts construct various levels of light effects to generate variety and innovation. Just imagine a room with even lights. It can create a dull atmosphere. For example, in this picture the back side is lit. This gives a brighter impression and draws our attention to the fine-looking cabinets. A single light in the center of the room will not create the same effect. Add some higher voltage lighting at certain places and dimmer light setting at others to create a magical aura.

Different Levels Of Light Effects

3. Choose Paint Color In The End

We tend to select paint colors beforehand and it has become a habit to do so. However this is a wrong start. Out of millions of paint colors and shades, you are going to choose a few that matches your room. It would be a better choice to ponder upon and decide on your choices of furniture, works of art, curtains, upholstery and etc. first. Then by looking at them, your mind can easily pick up the appropriate paint colors that suit your objects. Do not strictly hold onto specific paint colors as it can restrict your creativity. Wait till your room is fully occupied with furniture and other stuff before selecting your paint.

Choose Paint Color In The End

4. Organizing Furniture On The Rug

There are two ways to position your furniture on the rug. The first method is to put everything on the rug and secondly everything off the rug. According to the first style, you must obtain a large rug so that you can arrange all the furniture on top of it. This is ideal for bigger rooms. It can create a luxurious feel. The second method suits small rooms. But remember do not opt for too small rugs as it can lose its significance and beauty. The rug should touch or near to the front legs of your furniture fittings.

Organizing Furniture On The Rug

5. Leave Spaces Between Your Furniture

It is a bad idea to overcrowd your room. Allow your furniture to have some breathing space. It is a wrong notion to think that filling the whole space with furniture and cabinets will make your room look grand. It will look stuffy and people won’t be able to move around easily. Another benefit of proper spacing is that each property in your room is highlighted as they can be seen easily.

Leave Spaces Between Your Furniture

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