5 Best Ideas For The Most Colorful Gardens

Is your house surrounded by gardens which often look drab to you? Is the green spread too monotonous to enjoy? Well here are some easy and colourful ideas to spruce up your gardens and make them the cynosure of all eyes.

Here Are 5 Best Ideas For The Most Colorful Gardens

1. Flower Beds From Tyres

Do you have a green thumb and have a number of plants sitting around in dull earthen pots? Does not the dullness of the earthen pots take away from the beauty of the gorgeous blossoms? Well there is a very simple way to pop some colour and make it bright and beautiful. All of us are bound to have some old tyres sitting in the garages. All you have to do is take those tyres and paint them with some bright colours and place your plants in the centre of the tyres. Thus your plants are closer to earth and you can enrich the soil as well by planting them in tyres. In addition, it is also a sure way to attract attention to your talent.

Flower Beds From Tyres

2. Outdoor Lights

Mason jars are easy to get. If you get an assorted pack of coloured Mason jars there is nothing easier. If not, buy the plain ones and paint each in a different colour with glass paint. After it is dry but some electric lamps in it and hang them up on the fence. Make sure to hang them in a place where they will catch the sun’s rays during the day, making them brighter and giving out colourful hues. In the evening you can put on the electric lamps. You could also make lights with old beer or wine bottles. Take the label off and paint the bottles. You could place them close together and hang them in trees to add that colourful hue.

Outdoor Lights

3. Hanging Plants 

If you don’t want to eat up the garden space with all those lovely plants you can simply hang them. If you have old paint tin cans you can make use of those or you can buy tin cans of varying sizes. Paint the cams with an even tone of colour. You can choose pastel shades if you want to put bright flowers. After the cans are painted, put some soil and flower seeds and you have your mini and portable flower pots. The initial work could seem a little difficult but when it is done you can place it anywhere anytime you want. There is one thing you need to be careful about, that is combination of colours of the flower and the pot.

Hanging Plants

4. Colorful Seating Area

If you have a small secluded area of your garden which often goes unnoticed because of the dull colours, put some furniture and some Chinese lanterns. Have the wood painted in pastel shades and put bright coloured cushions to make a comfortable and cosy place. Hang bright coloured Chinese lanterns nearby and close together. If there is wooden frame use the top of it to hang the lanterns. If you think it will still go unnoticed, hang some bright coloured drapes at the back.

Colorful Seating Area

5. Garden Toys 

If you have kids or have kids come over to your house often, make your garden an interesting place for them to play. Don’t just add furniture for the adults to sit around talk and have fun over tea. And you don’t even have to go on a hunt for this, simply use those old tyres lying in the garage. Some tyres are bound to go out of shape and use, recycle them to make garden toys like a swing or a caterpillar and paint it in bright colours to grab the attention of the little ones.

Garden Toys

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