5 Beautiful Garden Fence Ideas

The best way to decorate your garden or simply to mark boundary in your property is putting garden fences. Traditionally, there was never an option for garden fences with only barbed wire fences used for protecting property and to keep stray animals away from garden. Now that so much has changed in the world of home decorating ideas, perimeter fencing or garden fences too seems to have gotten their dues. These days, garden fences are as much about looking different and pleasantly designed as it is for protecting the plants and property. A lot of us probably do not notice that garden fences too play their part in beautifying the exterior of houses along with nicely painted walls. Options for garden fences have moved to the next level and it is not just woods and wires anymore.

Here Are 5 Beautiful Garden Fence Ideas

1. Stone Barrier Fence

An old idea of protecting property is now becoming a very popular fencing idea. The best part of stone fencing is that it uses something robust as large stones for fencing. You can pile up evenly cut stones which are corralled in a metal basket. The end result makes your garden area look like a fortress. Rain or shine, the stones absorb it all and the fence keeps on looking fine!

Stone Barrier Fence

2. Surfboard Fence

Want to revamp your garden fence without altering its current structure? Surfboard fence may be right choice for you. All that is required are a few funky colored surfboards and fixing tools. Club the surfboards with the existing fence and see the garden fence get caught by the visitor’s attention. It will also fulfill your wishes of having beach like outdoors!

Surfboard Fence

3. Pencil-Crayon Fence

This idea comes straight out of the pencil box! Alright, not pencil box but it definitely uses the classroom theme. Spoil your garden fence for choice of as many colors as they exist. Since it is made of wood, it gives the closest possible look of pencil crayons. The pencil point tips give it a traditional fence like look but it is the use of colors which makes this garden fence idea so lively.

Pencil-Crayon Fence

4. The Bottle Fence

If it is decoration and not protection that you want then the bottle fence gets the job done with novelty. You get a lot in the color and size-shape department as far as bottle fences are concerned. Plus it is a great way to give a facelift to the garden situated in the inner perimeter. Simply drill a hole in all colorful bottles so you can create bar structure through them that would hang vertically. Another advantage of bottle fence is that they throw certain amount of glow and faint colors whenever the sunlight falls on them.

The Bottle Fence

5. Mural Fence

Let your art and creativity talk on the canvas of garden fence too. Mural fence an excellent, budget friendly idea to uplift the look of your garden fences. The idea is simple; paint your garden fence with images, portraits or just about anything that defines you and your gardens. The idea is pretty easy on pocket and mural painting is the best way to transform the face of the fence which is already in good shape. Kids will love it and who knows they would rush with their pain brushes.
Mural Fence

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