5 Amazing Ways To Dress Your Door With DIY Spring Wreath

Decorating your house is always important. It not only gives you a happy living but also gains you a lot of appreciation. When it comes to home décor the doors are often neglected. We find normal wooden doors in every house. You can try decorating the doors using spring wreaths. Spring wreaths not only give your door a unique look but also give your house a different look. Try different types of spring wreaths to make your door trendy and beautiful. These spring wreaths can be put up either on the main door or on the doors inside the house. The benefits of spring wreaths are that you need not worry about its wear and tear.

Here Are 5 Amazing Ways To Dress Your Door With DIY Spring Wreath

1. Tulip Wreath

This wreath will make others instantly fall in love with its beauty and simplicity. With minimal equipment this wreath is a must try option to decorate your doors.
Tulip Wreath

2. Paper Wreath

Paper wreath is one of the simple methods to deal with. You can lot of designs using the paper such as flowers, asymmetrical designs and many more to decorate your door.

Paper Wreath

3. Bunny In The Grass Wreath

This is an adorable wreath and can be used anywhere i.e. either on your main door or preferably on your kid’s bedroom door. You will need ribbons of colors green, white and pink. A green eyelash yarn, mini foam Easter eggs, a ceramic bunny glue and scissors. Start the procedure by wrapping the wreath form in the ribbon. You can use a smooth foam wreath and once the wrapping is done add a pink ribbon. Then use the other ribbons and wrap the entire wreath to form the base. You can now use the Easter egg foam to create the grass and place your ceramic bunny in it. This completes your wreath. This wreath is very easy to make and adds lot of color to your doors.
Bunny In The Grass Wreath

4. Paper Dahlia Wreath

This beautiful wreath can be easily made and will add a simple yet gorgeous look to your door. All you have to do is to choose different colored scrapbooks or the required color scrapbook. Take about 7 pieces scrapbook paper. A cardboard cut in round shape. Cut the cardboard depending on the size of the wreath you want. Cut the papers in the shape of squares using scissors or paper cutters. Transform those squares in the shape of cones and arrange them on the cardboard. Use a strong glue to stick these up and your paper dahlia wreath is ready. You can always try using two or more wreaths if you want don’t want a simple look.

Paper Dahlia Wreath

5. Umbrella Wreath

This is a funny yet beautiful way to design your door. It follows a very simple method and is easy to make. You wouldn’t need much equipment to make this beautiful door décor. All you need is silk flowers and an umbrella with a handle. Make the umbrella stand straight using the equipment you have. You can always try a basket as a safer option to support the umbrella. Tie a ribbon around the middle of the umbrella. The arrangement of flowers starts in the top of the umbrella starting from the spot where the ribbon is tied. The number of flowers depends upon the fullness you want. Hang the umbrella on the door and get an amazing look.

Umbrella Wreath

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