5 Amazing Pendant Lamp For Your Dinning Table

Lights and lamps play the most important part of in interior decoration of any home. Fancy and designer lamps can help in appreciate a room’s beauty. There are different types and styles of lamps which can be used to style and decorate your home interior. One of the most popular styles of lamps is “Pendant Lamps”. Initially the design has been innovated from the snooker table lights and kitchen island lights. Pendant lamps are also known as drops or suspenders. Pendant lamps are lone light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. A lot of materials like cords, chains or metal rods are used to hang the lamps. Pendant lamps are often used in numbers to enhance the show. Pendants can be hung in a straight line or in a curve considering on the best fit design of the room. These lights come in a huge range of style, make and variety.

Here Are 5 Amazing Pendant Lamp For Your Dinning  Table

1. Large Drum Pendants

A large drum pendant is a perfect choice for small dining areas. If you have a 2 to 4 seater dining table and of round shape, this is the perfect choice of your pendant light. This will give the table area more contained look. You can use a dimmer with this pendant so that light can softened based on your choice. Large drum pendants are available in a variety of colours and surface patterns.

Large Drum Pendants

2. Chandelier Pendants

Chandeliers have always played an important role in interior decoration. Chandeliers can be used as pendant light to enhance the look of your dining room. If you have large wooden dinette of contemporary style chandeliers are best to style your dining area. Chandeliers provide scattered lights and covers a large area, hence these are best fits for large dining areas having a 6 to 8 seater table. There are huge varieties of chandeliers available in the market. While choosing a chandelier you have to make sure that it is not too big for your dining otherwise it will lose its purpose to light the targeted area. There are also single lamp chandeliers available in the market which can be used for a smaller dinette.
Chandelier Pendants

3. Bubble Light Pendants

This one is for a trendy dining area. Bubble pendants are most trendy and popular hanging lights available in the market. These lights can be used in any dining area of any size by making a variation of size and number of lights. For a small dining table like 2 to 4 seater you can use a large bubble light to style the area. A large bubble light is also a best fit for a round shaped table. For a large dining area having a 6 to 8 seater table you can mix and match the size and number of bubble lights. You can also design the hanging pattern of the lights. You can choose the colour, pattern of the bubble light pendants matching with your dining area colour and styles.
Bubble Light Pendants

4. Hanging Light Pendants

Hanging lights are all time favourites coming straight to your dining areas from local bar counters. These lights have been enhanced a lot in style and design to fit your interior needs. These lights come in different colours, styles, sizes and shapes. If you have a kitchen counter area, you can hang a few lights, depending on the size and style of the counter, to style up the area. For a small or round shaped dinette you can use one single and large hanging light. For a large 6 to 8 seater table you can experiment with the number, size and hanging pattern to light up and style up your dining table. However, classic hanging lights provide a very bright light and cover a large area, so you need to be careful about the height and number of these lights. Otherwise, these lights can play spoilsport to your stylish dining area.
Hanging Light Pendants

5. Pool Table Pendants

Pool table lights with innovative designs have entered the dining area to spice up the style of your dining area. These lights are available in a variety of designs from contemporary look to trendy and funky look. However, these lights are best fits for kitchen counters and large dinettes like 6 to 8 seater. Now a days pendant lights are also coming in an energy saving and cost effective models. Because of its free form design, you can design it in your own way. Pendant lights are mostly used over the kitchen islands and dinette. Pendant lights are recommended to be hanged 30-35 inches over the table. However, you can customize this depending upon the lighting needs, the size of the dining area, the size of the lamp and above everything else your personal choice.

Pool Table Pendants

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