29 Stylish Wooden Sofas For Your Living Room

Wood is one of the ancient form of the material used for making of furniture, even in modern days wood is one of the most desirable and expensive material used for furniture. Wooden furniture looks classy and stylish which is the exact object that brings showiness in the living room, wooden sofas that vary in style and structure, with wonderful carved designs and shapes implemented with other materials such as aluminum makes the furniture look more ravishing for your home.different types of trendy sofas are available that  are pointed below.

Different Types Of Trendy Sofas Are Available That  Are Pointed Below:

1. Vertical Designs:

Simple form of wooden chair of dark brown in color with floor clearance on four legs, hand rest and back rest combine with vertical design with light color comfy cushions.

Vertical Designs

2. Horizontal Designs:

Combined back rest and hand rest with horizontal strip designs , dark brown wooden sofa with soft and comfortable seating platform and colorful back cushions.

Horizontal Designs


3. Hand Woven Sofa:

Dark brown wooden sofa with beautifully woven back rest and wonderfully carved hand rest well polished furniture with soft and relaxing seats and cushions along with covered body of the sofas.

Hand Woven Sofa

4. Curved Handrails:

Curved handrails with thickness and a high raised back rest, curved four legged dark brown sofa with fixed seating platform and extremely as well as minutely carved by the artisans.

Curved Handrails

5. Carved Sofa:

Beautifully bent hand rest with thick four legged brown wooden sofa and a high back rest that is carved with creativity with fine texture of the wood.

Carved Sofa

6. Carved And Hand Woven:

The four legged curved thick legs with carved and handwoven back rest, along with the stylish curved hand rest that is comfortable and relaxing type of furniture.

Carved And Hand Woven


7 Polished And Shiny:

Polished brown wooden sofa with arc type back rest and hand rest and the legs are carved with splendid designs.

Polished And Shiny

8. Red Wooden Sofa:

Red wooden color of the polished sofa with extremely stunning carved over the whole furniture that is very distinctive and the features of the heavy wood make it long lasting.

Red Wooden Sofa

9. Leather Wooden Sofa:

Mixture of black leather on the wooden sofa and above it is the soft cushions , the four small height of legs above which is wonderfully carved along with the curved hand rest.

 Leather Wooden Sofa

10. Low Height Sofa:

Low height black wooden platform with extended surfaces on either sides with comfy sitting arrangements white in color that is the contrast and which makes a simple but stylish furniture.

Low Height Sofa

11. Antique Sofa:

An antique form of sofa with eye catchy curvatures throughout the sofa and the cushions are fixed at the back rest in circular form and sitting area in rectangular form as three seater.

Antique Sofa

12. Modern Wooden Sofa:

The most stunning and simplest modern form of wooden furniture and red, the bright color as comfortable seating with a continuous and small wooden table in the center and aluminum C shaped legs fixed.

Modern Wooden Sofa

13. Contrast Of Wood And Cushions:

Typical straight and rectangular dark brown wooden sofa with light color brown cushions for seating with a contrast is making the difference as an individual and attractive furniture.

Contrast Of Wood And Cushions

14. Black And Brown Wood:

Seating area is black leather that is continuous and ends in the hand rest curvature, the wooden sofa is the mixture of black and brown color carved with creativity, matched with similar color cushions.

Black And Brown Wood:


15. Carved Hand Rest:

Main attraction is the excellently carved handrails of the wooden sofa with mounted carves at the center of the sofa worked in excellence.

Carved Hand Rest


16. Style At Low Cost:

The most inexpensive and stylish as well as modern form of wooden sofa with natural color of the raw wood with out any ground clearance.

Style At Low Cost


17.  C-shaped Hand Rest:

The main attraction is the C shaped hand rest along with the sofa cum bed furniture made of wood on other side, the combination of the color contrast emboss the space of the room.

C-shaped Hand Rest


18. Polished Wood With Carves:

Curved hand rest as well as the legs that is made with creativity on polished light brown wooden sofa that is thick and therefore is durable furniture.

Polished Wood With Carves


19. Black Modern Sofa:

Black sofa with leather covering that is made of wood but it is made highly relaxing and comfortable with extra space around the edges of the sofa with almost no ground clearance.

Black Modern Sofa


20. Brown Modern Sofa:

The whole wooden material made sofa is covered with the polished and shiny brown extra comfortable leather covered furniture with stitched defined edges.

Brown Modern Sofa


21. Antique Hand Rest:

The lion in the hand rest shows that this is an antique wooden furniture with mounted finely carved back rest and the seat covering are made of velvet which is shiny and smooth.

Antique Hand Rest


22. Antique Multicolor Sofa:

One more antique sofa with one end curved arc that is the back rest, brown in color and extremely stunningly carved by the artisans.

Antique Multicolor Sofa


23.  Floral Seats:

The sitting area is flat with bright printed covering that is not much comfortable, the artistic work on the sofa is attractive and carved with high creativity in the whole body of the furniture.

Floral Seats


24. Cut Out At Back Rest:

Back rest on both the sides with a cut out in the center of the back rest in the  sofa, covered with a comfortable layer of ash colored leather cover that makes the sofa modern and stylish.

Cut Out At Back Rest


25. Velvety Green Antique Cushions:

The most durable wooden form of sofa furniture with attractive blue color seats that is comfortable to and the white color of the sofa is astonishing.

Velvety Green Antique Cushions


26. Huge Soft Cushion:

The innovative form of the wooden crafted curvatures on the body that is one of the modern and stylish form of light wooden sofa.

Huge Soft Cushion

27. Combined Semi Round Sofa:

For a huge dynamic living room a semi circular wooden sofa covered with comfortable seat cushions and back rest with out any hand rest appears to be a grandeur.

Combined Semi Round Sofa

28. Storage Space:

Thick comfortable cushions present in the sitting area as well as the back rest, that provides a lot of relaxation in a simple light brown wooden sofa with storage space below.

Storage Space


29. Shelves At The Edges:

The natural wood texture with a wide hand rest of rectangular shape, a storage space is present in both the corner of the sofa and back rest is same as hand rest.

Shelves At The Edges

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