27 Splendid Ways To Decorate Your Room In Red And White

Everybody wants their home to look exceptional with elegance that can be derived through a theme that makes the house different, such as the color theme of red and white that is impressive.

1. Scored Concrete Flooring:

Decorate your flooring of red concrete tiles which gives your room a warmth along with a beautiful texture to the floor which is requires less labor with less expenses.

2. Red And White Granite Tiles:

Make your flooring with the layout of granite red and white flooring with a stunning mix of both the colors of respective tiles gives the floor an elegance.

Red And White Granite Tiles

3. White Colored Marble Tiles Flooring:

One of the famous and lucrative flooring which makes the room calm and gives a splendid appearance  with an effect of sophistication to the atmosphere of the room which one of the hard and long lasting flooring.

White Colored Marble Tiles Flooring

4. Mosaic Tiles:

Oldest and long lasting form of flooring is the mosaic flooring tiles with the mixture of red and white or solely red or white gives the floor of the room a grand appeal to a long extent.

Mosaic Tiles

5. Epoxy Metallic Flooring:

The newest form of flooring which gives the floor a metal like appearance and is a easy  and fast form of flooring that makes the room shiny and glossy and at the same time a modern look to the house.

 Epoxy Metallic Flooring

6. Display Units In Red:

Hardwood fiber red in color pasted on the display units or cabinet will give your room a luster appearance with proper designs of the display unit placed in the living room.

Display Units In Red

7. Display Units In White:

White pasted hardwood fiber display units that is one of the sober form of interior design categories, looks gorgeous and the firm textures of hardwood fiber if found therefore gives further more beauty.

Display Units In White

8. Multi Color Display Units:

Think of making a furniture, display unit in red and white if you have the floors or walls of any of the two colors, where red is warm and white is a neutral color will give your room an exclusive appearance.

Multi Color Display Units

9. Paint Your Wall Room In Red:

If you want your room to give an extremely gorgeous look choose red, but be careful while choosing the type of red, too much of red may spoil the attraction of other furniture, try to stay in light shades of red.

Paint Your Wall Room In Red

10. Paint Your Room In White:

Nothing can be much soothing than choosing your wall paint as white. The white is one of the calm effect serving color, that blows up each and every corner of your living room.

Paint Your Room In White

11. Paint In White And Red:

Select any wall or walls to color whether any two of the walls or any single wall with white and rest of the walls in red shades or vice versa, whatever it may be in both the cases it looks excellent.

Paint In White And Red

12. Wall Stickers:

Place different types of removal stickers on the wall where you have a free wall or any part which you want to make a highlight gives an easy and attractive look.

Wall Stickers

13. Wall Arts:

Different outstanding wall arts are available of various places and types which not only makes the room lucrative but at the same time gives a traditional feel.

Wall Arts

14. Ceilings:

Color the ceiling with artistic designs with the combination of red and white, or simply a paint of red or white, the easy and decorative method to make the ceiling eye catchy.


15. False Or Suspended Ceilings:

False ceiling is the best form which covers the beams and the ceiling, relatively the amazing designs of various shapes and sizes following with the designs made of various materials rules on the living room.

16. Sofa Red:

Place a set of 3 seater sofa accompanied with two lover seats of red in color that can be of any good performing  material that sets comfort while you sit and relax.

Sofa Red

17. Sofa White:

Elegance increases with the placement of white color comfortable sofa sets in the living room, the color itself is an authenticity to the output of  showiness and grandeur matched with the wall color.

 Sofa White

18. Carpets:

Carpet of various materials and stunning designs are found of different sizes, which can be a mixture of red and white color lay on the floor to give the floor a stunning and grand appearance.


19. Center Table Wooden:

Various red wood material center table with grand or vintage designs are available, they are heavy and long lasting with artistic  designs the table decors the room with high impressions of splendor.

Center Table Wooden

20. Center Table Wooden White:

White wooden artistic designed center table that is a stunning and traditional in appearance flourishes the room withstanding the beauty and looks of the room, it is a long lasting and expensive wooden furniture.

 Center Table Wooden White

21. Window Curtains:

Gorgeous combination  of white and red windows curtains of various materials to protect from too much heat or cold and at the same time decor the room.

Window Curtains

22. Window Frames:

The small idea to make your living room more attractive is the color of the window frames, color the frames in dark red or white with a contrast to the room color.

Window Frames

23. Entrance Door Painted White And Red:

Make the entrance door with white wood or red wood material, whatever it may be the door will be strong  with durability and at the same time the match of the doors with the room will increase the show with elegance.

Entrance Door Painted White And Red

24. Laminated Doors:

Colorful laminated and beautiful fine designed red and white laminated doors looks extravagant with a newish gesture to the room and entrance.

Laminated Doors

25. Colourful Candle Stands:

Colorful candle stands can be made as center piece  especially of red or white color or hanged on the wall of the entrance or the wall of the living room of various lustrous wax designs satisfies the decoration work.

Colourful Candle Stands

26. Corner Tables:

Decorate the corner of the living room by placing the triangular corner tables that too wooden red or white or combination of red and white color makes the room filled with decors.

Corner Tables

27. Floor Lamps:

Floor lamps are available which are fixed in the dining room with the fluorescent of red and white, that not only decorates the room but at the same time provides proper lights at nights.

Floor Lamps

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