25 Best Shelves For Your Room

Shelves are the most prior to any of the interior decoration of the rooms of a house, so the splendid it is the higher is the grade of work in interior decoration, some are mentioned.

1. Single Shelf:

Wooden polished shelf fixed on the wall such as the toilet where accessories can be stored  or in dining space to keep few crockery or display item, the single shelf of a long dimension is ideal for all spacious or small room size.

Single Shelf

2. Shelves Two Tiers:

Wooden shelves of two layers can be fixed on the wall of kitchen to keep few dishes and cutlery and at the entrance to keep the small flower vases and planters or various display items which look lucrative at the entrance.

Shelves Two Tiers

3. Shelves Three Or Four Tiers Diagonally:

Place shelves of three or four tiers diagonally, where one diagonal visual of the shelves gives a stylish gesture  to the living room at the same time few attractive display items such as plants and flower or other small display items.

Shelves Three Or Four Tiers Diagonally

4. S Types Shelves:

One of the most stylish and common is the S formed shelf fixed on the wall of the living or the dining hall is made for keeping display items, the wooden shelves of dark brown texture looks attractive in the rooms.

S Types Shelves

5. Z Shaped Shelf:

Shelves made of polished wood  given the shape of Z placed  three to four pieces in the zig zag manner executes a modish  outlook to the living room where small displaying items can be kept.

Z Shaped Shelf

6. Hexagonal Types Of Shelves:

Among the shelves the wooden hexagonal shape made of wooden, placed in a circular manner on the free wall of the living room each self can be of different colors which produces an exceptional modern look where small display items are stored.

Hexagonal Types Of Shelves

7. Pentagonal Shelves:

Pentagonal shaped shelves are made of wood which can be similar or different shapes coloured in beautiful attractive colours, fixed on the wall in various ways that  gives a spark to your living room or study room that is stylish with a simple design.

Pentagonal Shelves

8. H-Shaped Shelves:

Wooden made dark brown shelves of H shape on the wall of the entrance door has an excellent outlook where it acts as a key holder and at the same time you can make a space for display items in center, the key holders can be made at the verticals at two edges.

H-Shaped Shelves

9. Rectangular Shaped:

Place two rectangular shelves of different sizes of same light brown color fixed on the walls of the dining hall, living room or study room, the design is the elemental for the rooms with a modern appealing gesture.

Rectangular Shaped

10. V-Shaped:

Books racks or shelves, V-shaped racks are best for stacking of magazines and small books to be fixed in the entrance foyer or study rooms, where the books can be store and at the same time the wall is decorated with the beautiful shelves.


11. Coloured Wooden Shelves:

Fixing of the wooden shelves with a set of three to four colorful shelves matched with the color combination of the wall, this shelves can be placed in the balconies, kitchen where you want to keep things and at the same time display it .

Coloured Wooden Shelves

12. Small Wooden Cabinet:

Make a small wooden cabinet of dark brown color polished  with enough space to keep and store things specially for kitchen, pantries and even for store rooms, the cabinet with attractive designs gives an aesthetic view to the space.

Small Wooden Cabinet

13. Triangular Shaped Shelves:

White wooden shelves with a bright wall color and triangular in shape excels the room elements and therefore are best in the living room or bedroom for light decoration with a set of three in triangular position.

Triangular Shaped Shelves

14. Cube Shaped:

Dark brown shaped cubes with a set of two of different shapes placed on the wall of the study room or dining room to bring a showiness to the room.

Cube Shaped

15. Octagonal Shaped:

The most attractive geometrical figure for the making of the shelves made of wood material  placed with a set of two on the wall of similar size  may be larger, looks stunning with a planter in the living room.

Octagonal Shaped

16. Corner Triangular Shelves:

Decorate the corner of the rooms of your living or dining room with racks that are triangular in shape made of dark wood gives the corner an ornament to make the room more attractive.

Corner Triangular Shelves

17. Wall Edge S-Shaped Shelves:

When living rooms and dining room has no separation then the egde of the walls can be decorated by two sets of  five numbers of S shaped shelves placed on the edge of either side of the room.

Wall Edge S-Shaped Shelves

18. 1/4 The Of A Circle:

Imagine you cut one fourth of the a whole circle of a wooden piece and place it at the corner of the rooms of living and dining rooms which attains a style to the room.

The Of A Circle

19. W-Shaped:

Wooden made W shaped shelves are for the study room or your library, separated with small wooden separators, for stacking the books, a huge W built on the wall of the room.


20. E Shaped:

Wooden made shelves of E shape to display décor materials on the walls of the living room which is light and simple form of decoration for who want  a simple living room.


E Shaped

21. F-Shaped:

Visualize the inverted F shaped shelves which can act as key holder and a display unit that needs to be hanged on the interior of the entrance door that gives  a modern appearance.


22. U-Shaped:

U-shaped shelves placed in a diagonal way on the wall of the dining hall gives an aesthetic appearance to the dining area in a simple and stylish form.


23. Divisional Shelves Of Three Parts:

Divisional wooden shelves are the best for décor and utilization purpose, it can be placed on the wall of the study room or the living room that is colored of appealing colors.

Divisional Shelves Of Three Parts

24. Diagonal Division Shelves:

The diagonal division itself brings a innovativeness that makes a huge difference in the decoration that placed in the living room or entrance foyer looks excellent.

Diagonal Division Shelves

25. X-shaped:

One of the decorative book shelves are the X shaped shelves with hooks below to hand toys especially made for children’s room that brings in cuteness with style on the walls.


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