24 Ways To Decorate Your Room With Brass Metal

Brass is one of the oldest an precious metal that is used in various ways, since ages brass metal decorative items has increased the living style, so brass metal is antique and even today people love to use the metal whatever the form may be whether utensils or any decorative item each and every state it brings in a feel of sophisticated life style. There are various forms in which brass is used with various outstanding works carved on the metal that is amazing to visualize in our home.

1. Brass Plates:

Round shaped beautifully carved in different expressive designs, they are made of brass materials that can be hanged on the wall or placed in the display unit , it is one of the antique piece that is shiny in appearance.

Brass Plates

2. Brass Carved Vases:

Brass made vases of different sizes and attractive shapes are found in antique pieces which have beautiful carved with various designs, that are artistically stunning and can be used as showpieces or for storing water in the kitchen.

Brass Carved Vases

3. Brass Statues:

There are various tribal based statues that are excessively artistic in nature gives a vision of the ancient tribal culture and its people,  brass made statues are utilized as the display item or show piece, yellow with a matte finish.

Brass Statues

4. Brass Bowl:

Brass bowls that is round shaped and with a depth, is yellowish in color that is glossy with high longevity and the maintenance is easy when bowl is filled with water and colorful flower petals, is excellent decorative accessory for your home.

Brass Bowl

5. Brass Made Floor Lamp:

Vintage floor lamp when place in the corner of the living room will uplift the pride of the room, it is a vintage item that is of brass finishing, gold in color, that can be used to light the house and at the same time is an decorative item.

Brass Made Floor Lamp

6. Brass Made Frame Mirrors:

Mirrors with the frames made of brass material finishing that are of geometric patterns, placed on the wall that are impressive  and at the same time lucrative in the room.

Brass Made Frame Mirrors

7. Brass Made Chandeliers:

Chandeliers made of brass metal with the shiny glasses of lights looking highly impressive when it is placed in the center of the room, it not only illuminates the room also gives a classy look with the vintage item.

8. Side Table:

No other side tables can be so attractive then the table made of brass material stand and glass top, this enhances a big trend of fashionable interior furniture with various new creative and exclusive designs.

Side Table

9. Brass Made Night Stand Lamp:

Contemporary night lamps stand are made of brass, of various innovative designs, used in bedrooms , living rooms or dining room for making the dark rooms more attractive even at late night. The night lamps are the most creative items made of brass.

 Brass Made Night Stand Lamp

10. Brass Made Wall Craft:

Beautiful  wall hang crafts are available that are of various mixture of ‘metals such as silver, galvanized or brass with a rustic appearance looks excellent with a vintage outlook of the object in the room exposing the decoration.

Brass Made Wall Craft

11. Wall Hang Brass Made:

Apart from wall hang crafts there are also few antique pieces such as the finest letter slots, that brings in a vintage look and as a decorative item it requires less maintenance, it is heavy and long lasting.

Wall Hang Brass Made

12. Brass Cups:

You can prefer to keep the brass made opulence cups at home for the aristocratic gesture or at the same time cups can be used for drinking purposes, whatever the purpose may be, the cups are ideal for your house.

Brass Cups

13. Brass Made Handicraft:

Handicrafts of brass made, various types of show pieces such as camels, elephants  attached with different sizes and colors of gemstones to the body of the brass made handicraft that gives a genius and traditional outlook.

Brass Made Handicraft

14. Brass Made Engraved Art Plates:

Engraved art plates of brass made of golden color or black with beautiful lines or quotes fixed on the wall of the room or entrance as name plate is one of the grand expressive décor item that is eye catchy.

Brass Made Engraved Art Plates

15. Nautical Compass Brass Made:

Ancient or vintage item is the nautical compass that is made of brass can give your living room a pride to have such an exceptional and fantastic antique piece, that is available to make your room more classy.

Nautical Compass Brass Made

16. Brass Trim Chest:

The most famous and prior thing for storage of different materials during old times were the brass trim chest that is heavy material, that is long lasting with iconic artistic designs over the whole body can be placed in the living not only for storage but for the vintage character.

Brass Trim Chest

17. Photo Frame With Pedestal Brass Made:

Photo frame that are made of brass and the brass made stand, this can be placed on the side tables of the bedroom or the living room. Family photographs can be attached in the photo frames and placed on the table with the pedestal.

Photo Frame With Pedestal Brass Made

18. Gramophone Brass Made Antique:

One of the best antique piece is the gramophone, the first device to play or replay music, which are made of brass material is highly heavy and lucrative item, that makes the decoration extremely sophisticated.

Gramophone Brass Made Antique

19. Brass Made Antique Lamp:

Antique lamps that are made of brass are beautiful enough to make your room experience and look special, that is finely and wonderfully crafted, that is yellowish in color.

Brass Made Antique Lamp

20. Brass Made Hanger:

Brass made hangers are available for your kitchen and toilet that not only the ornament the house but the brass being a long lasting and strong material, things can be used to hang heavier things and the color of the brass is itself the showiness.

21. Unicorn Bell:

Place a unicorn bell of brass made material that is a vintage item, on the shelves made of glass or to give a more vintage look place it on the brown wooden shelves that will bring excellence in the room decoration.

Unicorn Bell

22. Telephone:

50 years old telephones that are brass made and  an antique piece that can increase the modern style as well as the gravity of your room.



23. Spoons And Fork Brass Made:

Brass made spoons and forks are antique pieces that can be hanged on the wall that are 100 years old.

Tenor Saxophone

24. Tenor Saxophone:

Saxophone made of brass metal is one of the grandeur object that is an extremely polished metal to bring an excellence to the home interior.


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