23 Ways To Decor Your Balcony

Everyone likes to have an open space in the house but in apartments, open spaces are in the form of balconies which you can decorate accordingly to provide a comfortable space.

Below Are Given The Ideas Of Few Décor And Utility Items Required In A Balcony:

1. Wooden Chairs:

Wooden chairs are the simplest form to décor your balcony, place four to five chairs in the balcony, only if you have enough space in the balcony place a glass top center table or a wooden top center table.

Wooden Chairs

2. Cushion Top:

Make a wooden of plywood bench and cover it with beautiful and colorful luxurious comfortable cushions on the top of the bench. Place it on a free wall of the balcony, where you can sit and relax.

Cushion Top

3. Armchairs:

Armchairs the most old form of sitting used for outdoors, that can be used in balcony, take your seat and enjoy the nature reading books with comfort and in other hand if you are sleepy you can sleep.


4. Bean Bags:

Other most stylish and comfortable sitting arrangement is the bean bags, they  are soft and luxurious, as well as comfortable where you can seat , read and sleep  whatever you want to do, it is small and flexible that is why it is appropriate in covered outdoor areas.

Bean Bags

5. Cane Stool And Chairs:

If you want to give a vintage look to your balcony then cane made stools are the best, where you can make a gathering, seat for hours and hours and enjoy nature, along with the evening tea or the snacks. They are stylish, traditional and above all the vintage items.

Cane Stool And Chairs

6. Iron Chairs:

Iron chairs are one of the classy looking item, it is decorative with various artistic designs the chairs are made,  they are accomodative in small places and the best part is you can relish the dinner and the early morning tea or breakfast in the open air.

Iron Chairs

7. Plants:

Plants are the most important decorative object, various types of garden plants can be planted in the balcony with ornated pots that makes the area more lucrative. Plant racks can be hanged on the free wall of the balcony arranging the green plants.


8. Flowers:

Self watering flower plants can be hanged on the railing or clicker planters on the railings with red, violet, white small and tiny colorful flowers.


9. Climbers:

Climbers can be planted on the walls or the railings which keeps the space cold and green, can be applied for the heated  zone, it helps in the cold breeze and at the same time the decoration with the climbers are possible giving it the nature look.


10. Decors Items:

The balcony with a small space , the free walls can be decorated with displaying items, keeping in mind that the materials should be unbreakable, cause it is placed in the outdoor which can break due to severe blow of wind or rain the thunderstorms so better if it has covered panels.

Decors Items

11. Center Table:

The center table in a spacious balcony works as a place for serving  tea and a larger table works as dining table where you can enjoy the nature and have your dinner. The  center table can be made of wood, iron or glass whatever the material may be should match the furniture around.

Center Table

12. Rugs:

Covered balcony floors can be covered with beautiful, stylish rugs are available that can be placed on the floor. Bare feet you can move around relax on the floor if you want  apart from the sitting arrangements. The rugs help in keeping the floor clean.


13. Pendants:

After hectic day you want to enjoy the cool breeze and relax in the evening so lights are required in the verandah to give the environment a cool feeling pendants can be hanged which makes the space stylish and is comfortable enough.


14. Led Hanging Lights:

Décor your railing with hanging lights which express the exterior gorgeous look, it can catch the eyes of people if your apartment is several floors above and at the same time produced less intensed light.

Led Hanging Lights

15. Led Ceiling Lights:

If you sleep late at night then spending time in balcony watching the night view of the city seems an excellent idea or else spend time in reading books late night in the open air without any disturbance, LED ceiling lights are the best, its intensity of light is high so reading is safe in LED ceiling lights.

Led Ceiling Lights

16. Candle Stands:

Candle lights  are the best which lightens the area and at the same time  the perception of darkness, along which the candle light looks calm and gives an impression of peaceful atmosphere.

Candle Stands

17. Electric Fan:

Sometimes the electric fan can be utilized for relaxing in the balcony in summer late morning when the heat increases specially during breakfast the electric fan can keep you till some extent to have your food or read your book sitting on the chairs.

Electric Fan

18. Swings:

You want to play in the balcony whether spacious or small in both the cases different types of swings are available which you can utilize in the balcony, swinging in the balcony and relaxing is an energetic and fun.


19. Book Shelf:

Why to carry your books or magazines all over the house, simply  fix a wall rack for books on the walls of the balcony, so that you can easily take the book from the rack , sit comfortably and read.

Book Shelf

20. Grass Mat:

Cover the floor with few natural mats such as grass mat which gives the balcony a garden atmosphere along with the flowers and plants.

Grass Mat

21. Wooden Flooring:

Polished wooden planks can be placed on the floor that gives the balcony a natural and stylish look or removable sticker flooring can be pasted.

Wooden Flooring

22. Cobblestone:

To give your spacious balcony a garden look cobblestone can be placed on the floor which gives a natural garden look with the plants.


23. DIY Clay Made Water Fountain:

If you have a spacious balcony corner then you can also place a small clay made water fountain with led lights it looks marvelous at nights and as well as day time.

DIY Clay Made Water Fountain

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