22 Unique Kitchen Back Splash Ideas

Backsplash for the kitchen is the compulsory element to be added in the cooking and washing area, because there are chances for the kitchen walls to get stained, back splash are made through fixing of tiles, so that cleaning becomes easy and the back splashes if decorated with innovative ideas, it works as a miracle in the interior decoration of the kitchen.

1. Brown Color Ceramic Subway Tiles:

Back splash of the kitchen that is known as ceramic subway tiles of brown color with the same color on the cabinets used with linings of white color looks amazing and stylish which is easy to maintain.

2.  Diagonal Pattern Tiles:

Diagonal textured brown ceramic tiles with small patterns within the tiles gives a mesmerizing outlook with the cabinets of shelves are made of wood, as the whole the interior maintains the same color giving a glam to the kitchen.

Diagonal Pattern Tiles

3. Two Pattern Of Ceramic Tiles:

Combination of two different settings of tiles square and the tiles diagonally patterned and highlighted part can be of different shapes and layout whether round or diamond with a sharp edging design to make the design much more visible.

Two Pattern Of Ceramic Tiles

4. Colour Contrasted Tiles:

Contrast of ceramic tiles with muted or light color or shaded with beautifully patterned tiles marked or set boldly such that the pattern designed for the kitchen is visualized more than the light color back splash.

 Colour Contrasted Tiles

5. Checkered Tiles On Contrast:

Ceramic checkered tiles with a rectangular pattern of the combination of gray, dark brown and brown all together are present in the checkered tiles that is one of the simplest and makes an astonished look to  the kitchen.

Checkered Tiles On Contrast


6. Checkered Tiles:

Checkered tiles of small square patterns of black and brown colors that makes a good contrast with the dark colored wooden furniture in the kitchen and at the same time the tiles make the room more shiny and glossy.

Checkered Tiles

7. Dark Color Subway Tiles:

Subway back splash tiles of rectangular shaped with a dark shade looks amazing with rectangular framed cutout filled or laid with the small checkered tiles design that makes it complete with the combination of white  or light color cabinets or furniture.

Dark Color Subway Tiles

8. Scenery Of Ceramic Tiles:

Subway ceramic tiles of light brown color with a small scenery or figures made with the ceramic tile makes the wall look colorful and attractive with the furniture made of well textured wood. The scenery are to be made within a puncture or pushed an half or one inch out to make it more visualizing.

Scenery Of Ceramic Tiles


9. Fine Edged Scenery Display:

Scenery built with the combination of ceramic tiles having the edges displayed with framed edge that executes fineness with the dark shades of colorful tiles, the furniture are made same in dark features and textures of wood.


10. Dark Shades Tiles:

Dark shades tiles with stone textures evolves with an exclusively attractive outlook with ceramic tile sceneries mounted on the tiles of the back splash walls, and matched with stone countertop but different texture made whether of dark or light both gives a beautiful visual to the kitchen.

11. Small Subway Back Splash Tiles:

Vigorously small subway back splash tiles of muted color edged with white color looks impressive with the white color of the furniture, further the contrast of the dark color counter top initiates a warm and grasping kitchen environment.

Small Subway Back Splash Tiles

12. Unglazed Light Color Tiles:

Unglazed ceramic tiles but with glossy appearance at the back splash of the kitchen and small ceramic checkered tiles at the center of the wall that is of beautiful and minute pattern design together with same muted color furniture design gives an individuality to the kitchen.

Unglazed Light Color Tiles

13. Patterned Tiles:

Beautiful ceramic tiles decorated in the center with architectural aesthetics such as circular pillar or brackets are boldly carved on the back splash and the combination with them is the subway tricolor ceramic tiles looks charming and beautiful.

Patterned Tiles

14. Contrast Of Brown And White:

Back splash of glossy brown ceramic tiles that look amazing with a granite made counter tops and the furniture are made wood,white painted, made the kitchen look more sumptuous relating to the interior decoration of the room.

15. Mesh Like Texture:

Mesh like appearance or texture of the kitchen back splash is one of the new look seen made through the ceramic tiles, due to the wavy texture it is not easy to clean the wall, though monotonous the look affects with much more beauty though simple but rare.

16. Glossy Dark Colour:

Glossy blue tiles with small white square patches or only glossy dark blue back splash wall are easy to maintain and the dark color resists to show any stain while cooking, the granite top that is hard and easy to maintain with white cabinet furniture makes it one of the eye catchy kitchen.

Glossy Dark Colour

17. Simple Colour Theme:

Kitchen based on the white color theme, back splash looks simple and soothing with the glossy ceramic tiles that is white or ivory in color, the complimentary looks of the designed cabinets painted in white adds spice to the interior of the kitchen.

Simple Colour Theme

18. Unglazed Tiles With Carved Furniture:

Subway unglazed ceramic tiles with a light brown color, an the beautifully carved hand work on the wooden furniture has added the aesthetic view to the kitchen, a metallic picture frame can be added to the back splash wall of the kitchen.

Unglazed Tiles With Carved Furniture

19. Simple Interior Kitchen Work:

The most common form of ceramic tiles on the wall that is dark in color with fine white edges looks stunning and the counter top of granite made keeps the kitchen stain free and dirt free, the glossy back splash is easy to clean and therefore the kitchen remains attractive, simple and clean easily within your budget.


20. Multi Colour Tiles:

Different types of colorful ceramic tiles are used to decorate the back splash of the kitchen, the wooden furniture with beautiful designs are implemented in the kitchen to make it colorfully lucrative.


21. Vertical Subway Tiles:

The contrast of the white subway ceramic rectangular tiles placed vertically, with the fine glossiness, the dark brown wooden cabinets with stylish knobs or handles look amazing attractive.

Vertical Subway Tiles:

22. Contrasted Kitchen:

Natural color subway ceramic tiles with fine edges display make a difference in the decoration of the kitchen. The contrast is found in the counter top of bright color make a modern look.

Contrasted Kitchen

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