20 Cute Planters For Your Home Railings

The exterior spaces such the verandah, balconies needs to get oriented with beautiful flowers and plants, people like flowers but gardening in apartment is not possible but planters can be used at the apartments or the above floors to give the exterior an aesthetic appearance and fulfill your desire to have a flower garden.

Number Of Planters Are Available Which Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Self-Watering Planters:

Different beautiful self watering planters are available for your railing which contains reservoirs for the flowers in the planters, it is convenient and best form with comfort found of your balcony railings, hang on the railing with beautiful small flowers which gives the balcony a grandeur look.Click railing planters.

Self-Watering Planters

2. Click Railing Planters:

Place the click railing planter on the railing that will give your house a big changed look for the balconies, gardens or boundary walls. Different colors of planters with attractive fragrance of flowers ensures amazing colorful atmosphere with the feel of nature close to you.

Click Railing Planters

3. Rounded Cedar Deck Rail Planters:

Various sizes of cedar deck rail planters are available for the railings of round and square shapes, are also found in sets of finishes, gathers a western form of aesthetic to your open space placed on the railings of the balcony or boundary fences with colorful colors.

Rounded Cedar Deck Rail Planters

4. Galvanised Railing Planters:

Decorate your by the galvanized railing planters which gives your space an antique look with beautiful small white flowers, the galvanized planters itself demarcates a vintage item. The body color may be natural or colored both gives a traditional look.

Galvanised Railing Planters

5. Lattice Flower Box:

Arrange your beautiful flowers of different colors and sizes in lattice flower box, it contains of grooves and made of wooden planks, that brings strength  and has durability, The lattice flowers box of various sizes and crafted planter that gives a natural trend to the area.

Lattice Flower Box

6. Yellow Tin Metal Railing Planter:

Tin is one of the easily available material that you can decorate yourself by painting it with various artistic designs if you are able or else simple plain colors that resists water can be used as the planter attached with hooks or brackets, putting in beautiful flowers enjoy their wonderful fragrance .

Yellow Tin Metal Railing Planter

7. Ornated Aluminium Planters:

Antique planters are ornated gives a classy look to the space and the aesthetic of the house, with beautiful bunches of colorful flowers. The planters are of heavy metal for which it is durable, hang to the railings implies a sophisticated appearance.

Ornated Aluminium Planters

8. Tray Planter:

Plants on trays looks excellent because of the modern and stylish look which is of light weight and can plant a greater amount of plants and flowers. They can be of different shapes and sizes with various color that brings in a grandeur .

Tray Planter

9. Wooden Box Planters:

Wooden box planter are of fine grained textured or few are polished which can be hanged on the railings by the brackets or hooks. Rectangular or square shaped planters are most favorable. which can be attached to railings easily and less chances to fall.

Wooden Box Planters

10. Bamboo Planters:

Small pieces of bamboos are cut with two to three holes and small plants can be planted in it and fixed to the railings, bamboos can be attached on the plant racks and fixed to the railing. The natural look of the bamboos gives a natural and stylish look.

Bamboo Planters

11. Mosaic Concrete Planters:

Concrete planters are heavy and the surface is finished with mosaic material is one of the most popular planters used  which is easy to maintain hard to break and long lasting, small sizes of concrete should be used as it is heavy which otherwise cannot be hanged on the railing.

Mosaic Concrete Planters

12. Plastic:

Various shapes and colorful planters which is easy to handle of thickness should be used, it is light in weight  but less durable if not maintained properly. Small plants and flowers can be planted in the planters which are available of different attraction designs.


13. Willow:

Willow boxes one of the traditional planter which is still used today, long lasting, simple, low maintenance and most stylish, where green shrubs or mosses look excellent which placed within the bracket and hooked to  the railing gives a vintage look to the house.


14. Cups:

Available at home are the old big mugs or cups made of wood, ceramics can be clipped to the railings the cups with various designs of leaves, flowers or the plain colors are fixed to the railing, these are used where light flower decoration is required,a small flower or leaf plant can be fixed.


15. Teapots:

Imagine beautiful teapots with various ornamental designs and plain tea pots which can be used as planters, place beautiful flowers such that the designs of the pots can be seen, the showiness increases with the pots design , number of planters are fixed to the railings.


16. Ceramic Pots:

Ceramic pots of different shapes and small sizes, attractive colorful small flowers or leaves yellowish or green placed in the planters give the space a appealing look and defines with natural flamboyance.

Ceramic Pots

17. Stainless Steel Planter:

Stainless steel planters are shiny and looks gorgeous in the sun, planter catches the attention more than the planters, so sometimes the planters are only used as décor items, but looks excellent when green leaves and flowers are visible along with the pot as a whole.

Stainless Steel Planter18. Brass Planters:

Vintage planter beautifully etched on the brass planter, one of the auspicious item to be used to decorate the exterior. This gives an extravagant outlook, the planter alone is enough with which the plants and flowers endures a glamorous gesture two to three planters are enough to decorate your railing.

Brass Planters

19. Copper Planters:

One of the best lucrative, long lasting planter item to deck up your house balcony, it has a classic finishing with various designed shapes and sizes along with attractive metallic colors above all it is a vintage item with plants and flowers gives an elegance.

Copper Planters

20. Iron Planters:

High and solid quality metal ornamented planters are made from iron, of various attractive colors, small plants with tiny colorful flowers are enough to be fixed to the balcony deck up the whole space extraordinarily.

Iron Planters


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