20 Beautiful Mural Paint Ideas To Decor Your Home

Spacious rowith huge free walls sometimes require to be decorated as it looks blank, your eyes want to see something different and so the mural paintings on the walls rules on the room with the effect of the awesome paintings.

1. Blue Sea Island:

Mural painting on the wall as a background, a scenery of blue sea with the uses of various colors to paint the blue sea on the wall looks excellent and from which we derive a feeling of a sea island while watching a television with the background is painted as the mural painting of the sea looks extremely beautiful in the living room.

2. Under Water Green Sea:

Feel the under water green sea with the pictures of beautiful colorful fishes, sea plants and corals with the outstanding skilled mural paints that are applied on the free wall of the living room to give your room a stylish look.

Under Water Green Sea

3. Lonely Beach:

If you want a calm atmosphere in your room than place a painting of a silent lonely beach with the waves, the painting itself exposes a calm and lonely feel which you can put on the wall as a background of the sitting area or dining area near which you place the dining table and enjoy your food near a lonely beach.

Lonely Beach

4. Beach With Coconut Trees:

Define a big wall of the spacious living room with  tall coconut trees and coconuts in the wavy sunny beach  derived from the mural painting on the wall of the entrance lobby or of the sitting area where it makes you happy observing the water and the greenery described through the mural work.

 Beach With Coconut Trees

5. Beach With Human:

Entrance foyer can be made impressive with the mural painting work of the beach with a minimum crowd of people painted on the wall that gives a feeling to escape loneliness and at the same time brings close to the water, nature and the sea.

Beach With Human

6. Closed Window:

Any free wall of the room that lacks a window which you want to have it on that wall then simply apply a mural painted window of your choice which gives a feeling of openness to the room and at the sma time provides privacy look that define the room more perfectly.

Closed Window

7. Open Window With Mountains:

Open windows as the background of the wall that may of bedroom, living room that defines the image of window open to the garden with flowers of different colors described through the mural paints which are extremely perfect.

Open Window With Mountains

8. Flower Garden:

Decorate the background free wall where the LED television is mounted , with a  large, colorful and beautiful small and big garden flowers along with beautiful wooden fences looks excellent with the work done by the mural paints.

 Flower Garden

9. Flowers With Branches:

Large two or three flowers such as roses, sunflower with small thin branches, that are painted on the wall with the mural work  has one of the excellent and gorgeous outlook, the mural painting as a background in the living room decorates the living room amazingly.

Flowers With Branches

10. Open Sky With Birds:

Blue sky mural paintings look realistic and artistic with the birds flying high in the sky that not only beautifully occupies the wall as a background equally gives the room a theme of nature and birds. The open sunny sky with the flying birds where blue in the painting on the wall gives the room an extra splendor.

Open Sky With Birds

11. Picture Of Monalisa:

Decorate your wall with the one of the historic painting of Monalisa in your living room. The mural painting work of Monalisa on the walls gives a vintage theme on which the painting has its own clarity and originality which defines the room with beauty.

 Picture Of Monalisa

12. Picture Of Green Forest:

Give you living room a feeling of a dense green forest, that makes a theme of nature with beautiful artistic mural painting work on the whole large wall that is simple and attractive and expresses the greenery of the forests that is a good choice for the nature lovers.

Green Forest

13. Picture Of Eiffel Tower:

The world famous Eiffel tower mural painting on the wall of your living room exhibits a historic place, where Eiffel tower gives you a reason to remember Paris.

 Eiffel Tower

14. Picture Of Taj Mahal:

One  of the famous historical monument the Taj Mahal with fine arts can be painted with mural paintings, that makes your room exceptional, decorative and on the other hand gives an artistic sensation to the room.

 Taj Mahal

15. Figures:

A small free wall space  where you can mural paint with a pretty girl sitting on a stool with an 3ds effect looks excellent, when you put a furniture in front of the mural picture brings a true and original effect which makes the room lively and stylish.


16. Mural Work Giving 3ds Patterns:

Decorate your room walls with various 3ds effect on mural paintings with various colorful metallic and colorful paints, on the other hand the horizontal or vertical designs on the wall. 3ds under effect of a huge shark in a blue ocean gives an excellent original atmosphere.

3ds Patterns

17. Peacock:

A huge colorful peacock with his feathers spread in the upcoming rain is highly romantic and the mural painting of the peacock makes the atmosphere of the living room romantic. The living room looks much more natural and a different form of interior decorative work is designated.


18. Running Brown Horses:

Make a mural painting of three to four running horses in the open air with flow of wind, the picture itself is bold enough to make a strong effect on the wall of the living room. The color of the horses can be different white horses or black horses implies more strength to the decoration of the room.

Running Brown Horses

19. Fruits In A Basket:

Mural painting of a basket full of fruits such as bananas, apples, guavas and grapes on the wall of the dining room as the background of the dining table makes the room highly simple, stylish and trendy.

Fruits In A Basket

20. Clock Vintage:

Give your room a vintage effect with a picture of the large clock of different shapes and style looks stunning and exceptional in the living room.

Clock Vintage

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