18 Ways To Get To Decorate Your Entrance Foyer In Thai Style


Our entrance foyer is one of the attractive part of our house that requires further more attention to make it more beautiful and decorative, obtained a style of a country in, gives an exceptional outlook where the native culture and decorative style can be designated, such as the individual modern and stylish decorations, appearance of Thailand is one of the most attractive and famous which are discussed below will give your entrance a new and eye catchy atmosphere

1. Indoor Mat:

Indoor mat for the entrance foyer that are handmade with skillful design crafts defining the fine handicrafts. The colorful and outstanding crafted indoor mats made of various materials can be places in the entrance inside the foyer to make the room more stylish.

2. Outdoor Mat:

Outdoor mats that are of natural fibers such as cotton those are hand woven unique designed through various thoughts of artisans that creates a newish and exceptional outdoor mats with resemblance to the crafts and creativity of Thailand.

Outdoor Mat

3. Entrance Door:

Teak wood carved doors are high quality products that have fine arts created designs of roses, leaves or many other figures defining the ancient culture. The wood is long lasting and the quality of the door is strongly suitable for entrance door.

Entrance Door

4. Pot:

Various types of earthy limestone made pots of aged looks best as planters or can be kept empty for the vintage stone look at the side or corner of the entrance, which provides the room a simple and auspicious gesture.


5. Flowers:

Make a center piece with the flower vases with amazing fragrance of the lively flowers, which have the origin of Thailand  . The colorful flowers with the vases of different sizes that has to be placed  proportionately according to the size of the room, different small or large size of the multicolor flowers can be placed.


6. Sitting Area:

The sitting area of the entrance foyer is always the main part, various thai made furniture are available, wooden set of long lasting and stunning sofa that is handmade carved with beautiful arts by the artisans, defining the atmosphere of Thailand.

Sitting Area

7. Buddha Statues:

Buddha statues the lord of enlightenment , carved stone depicting the different phases of his life. There are most probably 10 mudras or postures of lord Buddha as a monk which are found in sets of statues or single set can be placed in the entrance foyer that will make the room more with the sense of peace.

Buddha Statues

8. Night Lamps:

Various night lamps are available but to have a thai signature then lamp  those are hand made  with the crafts of bamboo or wooden materials to make shades of lamp that can be applied, glass made peacock lamps are also available etched with beautiful color paints, to decorate the room.

Night Lamps

9. Pendant Lights:

Among the pendants the exceptional looks of the artichoke, pineapple is the wood made globe shaped pendant lights, few other wood made are the woven pendant lights that behaves like chandeliers and few bamboo made are available, modern pendants with the rustic metal balls are few that not only illuminates but at the same time gives a stylish look to the entrance foyer.

 Pendant Lights

10. Oak Or Teak Wood Flooring:

Engineered oak or teak wood flooring can be fixed on the floor of the entrance foyer to give the room a natural and modern look. Thai teak or oak are on of the popular and amazing wood with fine textures that define the floor of the room with elegance.

Teak Wood Flooring

11. Walls:

Wall of the room can be designed with various mural paints of thai art paintings or stickers of various geometric designs or various floral designs that defines the antiqueness of the Thailand. The walls looks extravagant with the sensitive touch of the thai culture.


12. Wooden Carved Panels:

Beautiful minutely crafted panels of wood are made that looks stunning when you hang it on the wall the larger or smaller sizes with the light brown or dark brown color of the wood. The carved panels can be used as separator if required that looks excellent in the room.

Wooden Carved Panels

13. Wall Craft:

Beautiful hand made wall crafts of various styles are seen in Thailand wall crafts that may be of the plants, animals or flowers the wall crafts are so wonderfully carved that it at once give a sensation of style and modern thai style, apart from the this it makes the wall of the room much more decorative exceptionally.

Wall Craft

14. Carpet:

Carpet are hand woven with different types of material that may cotton, wool or any other form of material, of different sizes that is placed according to the size of the room. The beautifully woven carpets gives a different aspect with various colorful and warm feeling for the caring touch of the artisans along with the creativity they pour to their work.


15. Door Lamps:

Wooden made or bamboo made handicraft lamps are available, the handicrafts endures a touch of  antique and at the same time promotes the work of their traditional base or place. The door lamps can be placed both inside and outside of the door entrance to provide light and on the other hand can decorate the entrance door at the same time. The  lamps are also made of etched glass and painted with color that defines a much more style  and gives an inclination to a far better interior decoration.

 Door Lamps

16. Wind Chime:

Thai wind chimes that are available hand made  that are crafted on the wind chimes such as elephants or any other craft work crafted on the brass metal, itself being a shiny and golden color metal bells. Wooden or bamboo made bells are also available on the which you can hand at the door of the entrance.

Wind Chime

17. Wall Art:

Various floral and geometrical wall arts can be fixed on the wall or on the other hand different pictures of lord Buddha or any other thai wall art forms can be applied on the wall of the room that will simply give a stunning appearance to the place.

Wall Art

18. Stair:

Decorate the stair floor with the removal sticker with the texture of thai teak wood, the sticker can be easily removed or on the other hand the floor planks of the teak wood with fine polished texture gives an outstanding gesture to the room with an excellent appeal of the trend of what we are searching throughout where the stairs can be matched with the entrance foyer floor texture and covered with beautiful running rollers.



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