17 Stylish Wooden Railings To Decor Your Staircase

Railings of the staircase are one of the most important feature, that not only gives safety but helps in climbing up and down the stairs, apart from this it decorates the staircase and gives a brilliant aesthetic view, railings are made of various materials of long lasting and good looks, the railings can be made of the combinations or solely of many materials, wooden railings are one of the expensive and oldest form of railings that are even used for making of railings of excellent carved designs by skillful labors or the mixture of materials to make it stylish and less expensive at the same time, few common types of wooden featured railings are discussed below :

1. Net On Wooden Frame:

Mesh or net made of iron are fixed within the wooden frames or pillars can be placed in the balcony or in the stairs which is long lasting and inexpensive form of railing that can be used in the staircase.

Net On Wooden Frame


2. Horizontal Railings:

Horizontal railings of the stair designed by wood is one of the simple and stylish form, where the horizontal rails are parallel to the stairs the top rail thickness is more than the other lower layers with a texture of natural wood.


3. Iron Verticals In Wood:

Wooden top rail of polished wood and a thick baluster having beautiful artistic work shows excellent when vertical rows of metallic or iron columns those are of black color are placed on the stair flooring looks extremely modern and stylish.

 Iron Verticals In Wood

4. Wooden Verticals:

Natural look on the wooden material used for making of the railing, the vertical wooden columns with a thick top rail gives the railing a natural wooden appearance that is one of the most exceptional and wonderful look for the staircase with longevity.

5. Ornamental Posts:

Ornamented posts that are vertically placed in the stair made of wood. Thick balusters are present to make the railing of the stair more stronger, one more of all is the two different color of  columns to be light color painted  hand that  top rail is thick and dark brown in color.

Ornamental Posts


6 Trunk Or Branch Like Railings:

Simply an artistic top railing that is the branch of a tree, the texture of the railing top is made of wood. The railing is fixed on the wall only to hold and step up and down, the wall is enough to hold the person from falling.

Trunk Or Branch Like Railings


7. Wooden Stair:

Totally a wooden stair with wooden railings are of same texture containing of balusters and vertical posts at regular intervals are one of the outstanding form of railing that give the stair a relevant and extra ordinary getup that is traditional and long lasting.

Wooden Stair


8. Top Railing:

Top Railing is  made of wood and the verticals are such that it is parallel to the flooring and the wooden batten start from the floor to the ceiling covering the stair area acting as a protector and at the same time it works as a seperator between the stair and the rooms.

Top Railing


9. Vertical Wooden:

Vertical wooden posts are present at regular intervals, the post are connected through hard and transparent glass, that is one of the combination of glass and wood, an extremely modern and stylish form of railing with architectural aesthetics, giving your space a new and warm atmosphere.

Vertical Wooden


10. Round Wooden Railing:

Beautifully polished in to round wooden railing, the single railing placed on the wall fixed with aluminium or steel clamps, parallel to the stair, is one more unique form of railing that helps in climbing up and down with proper balance, it is ideal for the straight stairs present within two interior walls.

Round Wooden Railing

11. Wooden Net Railings:

Net like mesh are made within sleek wooden panels, the top rails and bottom rails are present of equal thickness compared to the posts of the railings. The wooden texture is of light colored natural wood that can be placed in the interior as well as the exterior of the stairs of the house.

Wooden Net Railings


12. Aluminium With Wooden Railing:

Thick polished rectangular wooden posts with the edges are covered with the aluminium and decorated with the aluminium screws, that is used to fix the aluminium horizontals which is parallel to the stairs, looks amazing with the combination of aluminium and dark colored wooden top rails and posts.


13. Iron Railing:

Well carved or designed wrought iron railing with the top rail made of wood that is extremely polished with circular edge or the iron balusters is strong enough and is durable with high compact of tidiness and fineness gives the room an aesthetic view.

Iron Railing


14. Wooden Rail For Spiral Staircase:

Highly well carved into spiral staircase, bending wooden railing is not an easy job, it requires a lot of skill to make a wooden railing  for a spiral staircase, with excellently carved posts is one of the valuable and ancient form of railing done by the skillful labors gives your space an aristocratic area.

Wooden Rail For Spiral Staircase


15. Beautiful And Well Carved Railing:

Carved railings on the wood material is one of the toughest  and expensive work, the top rails and bottom rails are parallel to the stair, various types of carved designs can be depicted by skilled labor, on the natural wood of light wooden color that can be used for interior or exterior staircases.

Beautiful And Well Carved Railing

16. Dark Color Hard Wood:

Dark color hard wood top rails of  with a front post and the end post in between in covered by the transparent hard glass, the combination of dark wood and glass is one of the extremely soothing interior work which diminishes the darkness because of the glass and makes the room more illuminated.

Dark Color Hard Wood


16. Balusters:

The main thing in this staircase is the balusters made by wood, that is polished to make it more glossy and shiny, such balusters in the entrance gives a sophisticated feeling, the top railings are curved in a skillful way that is minute and finely designed in the pieces of wood panels.


17.  Aluminium Fixtures:

Wooden top rails are fixed on the walls with shiny and well curved aluminium fixtures, that gives the railing a new style with simple and modern outlook, the wooden top rails are varnished to make the top rail more eye catchy.

Aluminium Fixtures


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